Randy Jackson Personality Watch: Week 5
This has become less of a personality monitor, and more of an appreciation of all things Randy Jackson. This week he finished judging in Hollywood, and let the new judges shine a bit by giving the contestants the good (or bad) news, and he even let them sing along to some of the performances (Simon Cowell would never!). Here's what we learned about Randy this week:

He will not let something awful continue, or go unpunished.

He tried to stop Rebel Star (AKA the Tiffany Rios Jessica Yantz Calamity) before they could cause any further psychological damage but they were feeling the song TOO HARD. Randy had to wave his arms in the air and yell, which we all know he is not afraid to do. They were sent home immediately, followed by that guy who blatantly wrote the words to the song on his arm. The Dawg does not abide cheating, forgetting the words, or awful singing!

Hey James Durbin, Randy can hit that high note, too.

Like a BOSS.

Randy Jackson knows jazz.

Casey Abrams started off his solo performance of "Georgia" on the upright bass. You can tell from this picture that Randy is appreciating it, while J. Lo is working very hard to appear that she "gets it."

Also, Randy was on Ellen this week but his interview was so inconsequential that there isn't any video of it to show you. He basically said that it's fun but weird, Ellen should "come back some time," and that the winner could be "a guy or a girl." Nice interview, Randy!

Have you noticed how Randy is actively trying to say "dawg" less? At least he's not taking "pitchy" away from us. Randy, I am thankful for every day you wear argyle or a cardigan, and even more thankful that you are unafraid to make contestants face harsh realities. Keep it up, Randy!

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(images courtesy of FOX)