Randy Jackson: National Hero?
Randy Jackson: National Hero?
Okay, maybe not. But this week, on a very special Randy Jackson Personality Watch, we will examine Randy's finest Hollywood Week moment to date, which I have elected to call, "You're Still Not Moving On, Nick Fink." What we learned about Randy this week was very simple: He lays down the law.

It started out like any Hollywood Week. Well, no, it didn't, because there were twice as many contestants this year. That means that for every person who auditioned and was actually good, another person squeaked by, too. The perfect example of this is "couple" Jacqueline Dunford and Nick Fink.

NickandJacquelinereallove.jpgTheir hopes of becoming American Idol's "Power Couple" were dashed early on--round one in fact. They told Ryan they didn't see this coming. I guess they thought they'd make it to the Top 10 or 12 and eventually Ryan Seacrest would open that envelope and be like, "IT'S A TIE!" and the confetti would fall for BOTH OF THEM because America couldn't bear to split them apart.

After singing part of a song about getting new shoes or something, Nick Fink, suit salesman, was told he would not be moving forward with his "baby" Jacqueline. Then he got the microphone off the stand and begged for a second chance because he thinks he "shines a lot at the end of that song." Randy Jackson, national hero, told the boy in the shiny suit jacket that you get one shot and sometimes it doesn't go well.

We might have felt bad for Nick if he hadn't reacted the way he did. Adding insult to injury (or just heaping on the second-hand embarrassment), he sang at the judges just to show them what they were missing out on or something. Randy was already done with him and simply responded, "No. Nope. Nope."

Watch it all go down and enjoy every second of Randy Jackson spreading the gospel of tough love here (start around 1:50, unless you want to enjoy how Rob Bolin also dislikes Nick and Jacqueline):

After his dramatic exit, Nick seemed stunned that Ryan seemed so unaffected by what just transpired, to which Ryan (and the rest of America) was like:

RyanSeacrestnotbuyingit.jpg"Uhh, if it seems like I don't care, it's because I don't."

So here's to you, Randy Jackson! Thank you for not making us (or Nick or Jacqueline) suffer any longer than necessary. No score for Randy Jackson this week, just a badge of honor.

(images courtesy of FOX, video FOX/YouTube)