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Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Room One looks like the place you want to be. Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens are there, so is Jermaine Sellers, Katelyn Epperly, and other familiar faces. Let's check in with them, shall we?

Jermaine Sellers

Jermaine takes a big risk for his song, singing Michael Jackson's iconic "Man in the Mirror." Those are some awfully high notes you have to hit to do the song right. Lucky for Jermaine, it shows off Jermaine's range. Unluckily for Jermaine (and us) it also shows off his nasty diva side.Apparently the band played something a little extra and Jermaine makes sure the judge and the band know. "Umm....you weren't supposed to play that." Kara and Randy look especially displeased with this diva move. Kara even sings under her breath, "Don't throw the band under the bus." Few wiser words have ever come from her mouth.

Olympic Ranking: Disqualified for unsportsman like conduct.

Siobahn Magnus

We didn't really see Siobahn until now and that's a shame, because she has breathy, bawdy vocals which would lend itself equally well to soulful tunes or a Janis Joplin rocker. She's a little quirky and indie in looks, but still has that big voice, little girl look thing going on that Idol loves. I bet we see a lot more of Siobahn and that I trip over her name all season long.

Olympic Ranking: Silver Medal (just a hundredth of a second behind gold)

Cyrstal Bowersox

Crystal doesn't just play acoustic guitar for her audition, she plays harmonica. You can practically see Kara and Simon drooling. Crystal is a folk rock diva in the making, who'll handle the big Idol ballads beautifully as well. She may not just be a Top 24 contender, I think she's heading to the top 12. America loves dreads, right Jason Castro?

Olympic Ranking: Gold Medal

Alex Lambert and Michael Lynch

Both Alex and Michael chose the same Jason Mraz song and they audition with varying success. Michael's take is more soulful, while Alex does a Michael Buble-with-ukulele take. Despite auditioning what appears to be a very popular song, both Michael and Alex made it their own. As we know, that's a key trait for Idol contenders so I'm calling it now: hello top 24.

Olympic Ranking: tied for Silver Medal

Todrick Hall

It's official, I don't like Todrick Hall or his voice. The more I hear him and see him, the less I like him. Maybe it's just tired vocal chords, as he claims, but Todrick seems to have a hard time hitting the high notes and his entire audition relies on him hitting those notes. This guy has "vote for the worst" written all over him. 

Olympic Ranking: Bronze Medal

It's 28 minutes into Idol and I sincerely think we've seen more singing than we've seen all season.

Let's check in with Room Two, shall we?

Charity Vance

Charity auditions with "Gravity" and shows off that quirky tone I like so much. Still, I think classic jazz songs suit her vocals better. I love her, but wasn't blown away by the audition.  Considering she's sitting next to awful rocker mom Mary Powers, I'm afraid that's the last we'll see of sweet Charity this year. Hopefully she's back for season 10, Charity has a voice I want to hear tackle a  new song week after week. She can count on my vote.

Olympic Ranking: Bronze Medal
Mary Powers

Mary Powers is confident she's in the top 24. I'm confident in my extreme dislike for her. First, if she's 28. I'm 12. She walks (and screams) through her audition of Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold," which only makes her seem older and more dated. Of everyone we've seen, I most hope we never see Mary Powers again.

Olympic Ranking: Disqualified

Bryan Walker

We finally get a glimpse of good cop Bryan Walker, who I know has a loud fan section here. Simon gave him a wink and a point during his audition, but we don't get to hear a single note, which is disappointing. Unfortunately for Bryan, he's sitting in a room with Mary Powers, which makes me think won't be hearing more from the singing police officer. 

Olympic Ranking: Disqualified

Hope Johnson

Ryan promises us that Hope was on fire all week, but she gives a rather toneless and definitely dull version of "Home." She may have the story and looks the Idol loves, but those vocals aren't enough to get her through, I guarantee it.

Olympic Ranking: disqualified (but come back next year.)

Sadly also in that room of losers? Jermaine Purifroy. I told you, "Brick House" = instant Idol death.

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