'American Idol' Top 11 Recap: Attack of the Terrible Song Choice
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Mike Lynche- "When A Man Loves A Woman" by Michael Bolton

She's Just Being Miley: Miley says she's falling in love with Big Mike and that his voice is absolutely incredible.

A ballad will not keep Big Mike away from the stage antics. Nope, he's still "leading the band" like an air traffic controller, pointing at the camera and making love to the audience. Sure, it's cheesy as all get out, but Big Mike backs up that cheddar with vocals that get better every week (even if they still tend towards nasal) and charisma the camera captures. However, it's time for Big Mike to do something contemporary that doesn't sound like it would be performed during a slow dance on a cruise ship.

Simon Says: Kara says it was kind of loungey and over-indulgent. Simon says "it's like you wanted one scoop of ice cream and you got eleven." So we're in agreement judges? Big Mike is still over-the-top.

Safe, Shaky, Should Be Going Home: Safe

So we're half way through with the Top 11 and I am somewhat shocked to say, that Miley Cyrus has been by no means the worst part of the show. Nope, the Top 11 (cough cough Paige Miles) has taken care of that all by themselves.

Andrew Garcia - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye

She's Just Being Miley: Andrew gets star struck and forgets the words to one of the world's catchiest (most annoyingly so) songs. Miley makes Andrew drop the guitar and says she "thinks the ladies will dig it." Miley, Miley, Miley. You are young, but let me tell you this, the ladies always dig the guitar. Always.

Andrew does not have the vocal range to pull of Motown and he sounds like he is smooth talking through the beginning of the song rather than singing. Then, to make matters way worse, he does a combo moonwalk and chicken dance. This seems like the kind of performance that a drunk best man does at the end of a wedding when he's had an affair with the new bride. It's unhinged, uncomfortable, and would be so much better if I could blame it on booze.

Simon Says: All the judges say it was a terrible song choice and we agree. Simon says maybe that they over rated Andrew at the beginning, "It was a cute rendition of a Paula song. Full Stop." He then says that Andrew sucked the soul of that song "and then tortured and ruined it." Tell us what you really think Simon.

Safe, Shaky, Should Be Going Home: Shaky (if it weren't for Paige and YouTube, he would be heading home.)

Katie Stevens - "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie

She's Just Being Miley: The two 17-year-olds have a heart-to-heart about being 17 year olds in the music industry. Miley tells Katie to "edge it up a bit," which is like recommending the tooth fairy gets a tattoo. Maybe it'll work though...Katie does take the stage in skinny jeans instead of a prom dress.

Big girls might not cry, but I will. Want to know what makes a Fergie song even worse than it was to begin with? A 17-year-old pitchy pageant queen singing it. It's nowhere near as bad as much of what we've seen tonight, but its still boring, off key, super sharp and corny. Can we just fast forward to the Siobhan versus Crystal finale? Because none of these other kids are going to win it.

Simon Says: Kara says "you still have mad pitch issues, but this is where you belong." And by that, I assume she means on a cruise ship or casino somewhere.

Safe, Shaky, Should Be Going Home:  Shaky

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