'American Idol': 20 Weeks Later, The Final Two Finally Perform
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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Lee Dewyze: "The Boxer"

As we predicted/expected, Lee chose to go with "The Boxer" tonight, which makes perfect sense: It's an anthem for the everyman and that's what Lee has been pegged as this season.

Unlike his emotional home visits, Lee manages to make it through "The Boxer" without crying, but I'm not sure that's a good thing. Lee seemed downright sedate singing the song and it lacked the passion it needed. It was a subtle and soft performance, so much so that Lee's vocals were over-powered by the backing. The delicacy may have worked any other week for Lee, but not on the final night of performances. Come 9pm, this will be hard to remember. 

Since it's Simon's final night offering his critiques, we'll be highlighting his best comment on each performances. Here's what he had to say about Lee.

Simon Says: "That was a kiss on the cheek, when I want a kiss on the lips. It's got to be a bit more than that."

Did you prefer Lee's original rendition of "The Boxer" or tonight's?

Crystal Bowersox: "Me and Bobby McGee"

While "Me and Bobby McGee" isn't what we predicted for Crystal, it should have been. The song is a great choice, it's impassioned, powerful and up-tempo and serves as a not-too-subtle reminder of the Crystal/Janis comparisons. The tempo alone would help it stand out in contrast to Lee's whisper of a performance, but it's not just the song doing the heavy lifting tonight. Crystal engages the audience, asking them to "come on now" before belting out the chorus. It's powerful, but not perfect. On some of the high notes, Crystal loses the rich warmth to her voice and shrieks.

Note for note, the first performance of the night might go to Lee, but the performance goes to Crystal by dreads and shoulders. Tonight the edge goes to performance and memorability.

Simon Says: "This brought me back to when we absolutely fell in love with you. You know what, we have a competition tonight. That was excellent."

Did you prefer Crystal's original rendition of "Me and Bobby McGee" or tonight's?

Round One Goes To: Crystal (by a dread)

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