Kelly Clarkson's Return to American Idol
Kelly Clarkson cemented her fame as American Idol's first winner partially by rebelling against that success.   After Clarkson's first album failed to meet expectations, the singer dumped her American Idol sponsored recording contract for an independently negotiated deal resulting in the album tauntingly titled 'Breakaway', a caustic departure from the more sycophantic title of her debut 'Thankful'.  Subsequently, American Idol's first daughter briefly created chaos when it was announced she would not allow songs from 'Breakaway' to be used in the American Idol song book.

This maneuver drew the ire of American Idol's most outspoken persona, Simon Cowell, who verbally lashed the starlet in the press and  initiated a behind the scenes negotiation that had and apparently not very 'thankful' Clarkson singing a more conciliatory tune;  even though very few of the songs have appeared since then.

Proof positive that all that unhappiness is behind us, Clarkson will be appearing on the 'Idol Gives Back' show along with Bono, Daniel Radcliffe, and Spongebob Squarepants to sing a tune from her ever more and more dated song catalog. 

A few readers wrote in with some additional info.  It seems Kelly WILL be singing a new song from her new album that was wrapped last month.  Exciting stuff for sure.  Reader Chris tells me the album will be released sometime this summer.

I'm a little unclear on what it is American Idol is giving back that night, but I'm hoping its the high frequency hearing loss it has afflicted on the nation by allowing Sanjaya to stay on the show.

On the short list of previous contestants you can expect NOT to return, count Jennifer Hudson.  Her questionable claims of abuse and brainwashing haven't made her welcome around Fox territory as of late.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV  
(image from Fox)