Jermaine Jones to Be Kicked Off of 'American Idol'
Jermaine Jones to Be Kicked Off of 'American Idol'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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In a surprise twist to this season of American Idol, TMZ is reporting that contestant Jermaine Jones has been disqualified and will leave the show during Wednesday night's performance episode.

According to TMZ, producers have recently learned that Jermaine Jones lied to them about his criminal past and that he was arrested twice in 2011, once for a violent crime, and that he gave the police a false name when he was taken in.

In addition, TMZ has recently reported that Jones' claims about his father abandoning him and his mother may have been a lie. Jones' father allegedly has been a part of his son's life and even had dinner with him last week after being in the audience for the Top 13 performance show.

As a result, Jones, known as the Gentle Giant, will appear on Wednesday's episode, but will be eliminated from American Idol.

The story is still developing so it's unclear what will happen. Will Jeremy Rosado be reinstated to form the new Top 12? Or will there be no elimination this week? Or perhaps, since it was a Top 13, they will have a double elimination this week, with Jones going home on Wednesday and someone else going on Thursday.

This certainly puts a lot of egg on the faces of the American Idol producers, not just because they were unaware of his criminal past, but because the judges brought him back after eliminating him originally. It reflects twice as poorly  on Idol that the show would give him a second chance without doing their due diligence on his past.

Personally, I'm not sad because Jones was probably going to be eliminated in the next few weeks anyway. However, I do wish he'd stayed eliminated from the start so Reed Grimm might've made the Top 13.

What do you think should be done about Jermaine Jones being eliminated from American Idol season 11?

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