Is Lambert's Loss Homophobia's Fault or an 'American Idol' Conspiracy?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In the wake of Adam Lambert's loss on American Idol, hundreds of conspiracy theories are swirling around the Internet.  Some people think it was a calculated attack on homosexuality to make sure the nice married man won while the man who wears guyliner and kisses dudes in photos lost.  Others, like the website, simply think it was a matter of texting, since Kris Allen's fan base is younger and more tech savvy.

However, there may be something more to it.  While I would agree that many Americans are still mildly uncomfortable with homosexuality (just look at Prop 8 in California), that argument seems silly, especially since the photos of Lambert kissing other men have been around since the beginning of the competition.  Instead, I choose to look for a conspiracy within American Idol.

Last year Ryan Seacrest went on and on about the 12 million vote difference between the two finalists, and often in the finale the show has no problem revealing how close the vote was.  Yet on this season's finale, while Seacrest frequently mentioned the nearly 100 million votes cast, not once was there a mention of the margin of victory.

What was American Idol hiding?  Was it a blowout?  A close vote?  Or is it something even more sinister?  Did American Idol just decide to forget the votes and pick the winner based on the best marketing possibilities.

The fact is that 19 Entertainment holds a contract on either man that even Satan would think is a bit too strict.  All the winner gets is the title, a silly trophy and the first single.  And to be honest, as talented as Lambert is, Kris Allen has a much better voice for "No Boundaries" to become a generic hit.  Lambert's vocal gymnastics might play well on the coasts, but the red states would prefer a singer who can duet with Keith Urban, not Kiss.

There's also the added bonus of controversy with a Lambert loss.  As the Miss America pageant taught us, scandals including competition and gay issues are golden and help to vastly extend the window of discussion.  Everybody knows Miss California, but who won the Miss America pageant this year?

Adam Lambert is a long-term investment.  In the end, with the right band, he can be a great performer with a lengthy career.  But if he won American Idol, that would be the end of it.  He's be forced to rush out an album without being able to put together the right band and the right sound and he'd have to try to appeal to the entire country.  Now Lambert can find his niche in the music world while the good looking guy from Arkansas pleases a wide spectrum of fans with his nice singing.

Did American Idol fix the vote to make Adam Lambert lose?  Probably not.  But is American Idol happy that Lambert lost?  Despite the fact that he might've been the best, the show and its producers are certainly smart enough to understand that Lambert losing was the best thing that ever happened to him, them, and his fans.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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