FOX Midseason Schedule Announced: 'Idol' and '24' Return, 'Dollhouse' Bids Goodbye, 'Glee' Takes Four-Month Recess
Fox has released its midseason schedule, announcing return dates for American Idol and 24, and the series finale of Dollhouse, as well as return dates for Fringe and Glee.

American Idol returns for its ninth season with a two-night premiere on Tuesday, January 12, from 8pm-10pm. A second show airs the following day, January 13, from 8pm-9pm. Idol will then air every Tuesday, also from 8pm.

24 returns for its New York-set eighth season with a two-night, four-hour premiere, with the first two episodes airing Sunday, January 18, from 9pm, and the next two episodes airing the following day, January 19, also from 8pm. 24 will then air on Mondays from 9pm.

Gleeks will have to endure a four-month break, as Glee will finish the first half of the season with "Sectionals" on December 9. The series will then return with all-new episodes on a new day: starting April 13, Glee will air Tuesdays from 9pm.

Sci-fi series Fringe will air its season finale on Thursday, February 4, from 9pm, and will take a two-month break until new episodes air from Thursday, April 1, from 9pm. Dollhouse will return on Friday, December 4, with back-to-back episodes whole month long, and its series finale will air on Friday, January 22, from 9pm. Lie to Me will return with new episodes later in the spring.

A bunch of new shows were also given their premiere dates. Our Little Genius, a reality series featuring the country's most gifted kids answering very difficult questions, premieres January 13 from 9pm, and will air on Tuesdays from 9pm from January 19. Past Life, a crime drama involving the unexplained, kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Thursday, February 11, from 8pm, and will air Thursdays from 9pm starting February 18.

Human Target, a new action drama starting Fringe's Mark Valley, kicks off on Sunday, January 17, from 8pm, and will air on Wednesdays from 9pm starting January 20. Finally, the comedy Sons of Tucson premieres Sunday, March 14, from 8:30pm.

To recap, here's the midseason schedule:

Tuesday, January 12

8pm: American Idol (two-hour season premiere, part 1)

Wednesday, January 13
8pm: American Idol (season premiere, part 2)
9pm: Our Little Genius (series premiere)

Sunday, January 17
8pm: Human Target (series premiere)
9pm: 24 (two-hour season premiere, part 1)

Monday, January 18
8pm: 24 (two-hour season premiere, part 2)

Tuesdays, from January 19

8pm: American Idol
9pm: Our Little Genius

Wednesdays, from January 20
8pm: American Idol
9pm: Human Target

Friday, January 22
9pm: Dollhouse (series finale)

Mondays, from January 25
8pm: House
9pm: 24

Fridays, from January 29
8pm: House (encore episodes)
9pm: Kitchen Nightmares (season premiere)

Thursday, February 4
8pm: Bones
9pm: Fringe (winter finale)

Thursday, February 11
8pm: Past Life (season premiere)

Thursdays, from February 18
8pm: Bones
9pm: Past Life

Thursdays, from April 1
8pm: Bones
9pm: Fringe (all-new episodes)

Tuesdays, from April 13
8pm: American Idol
9pm: Glee (all-new episodes)

(Images courtesy of Fox)