Former 'American Idol' Contestant Accepts Being Dorky
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Clay Aiken, who began his rise to fame on the second season of American Idol, attempts to have a successful career by creating a his own path and remaining true to his eccentric and quirky style.

After landing 2nd place on American Idol, Aiken has released a series of albums with rocketing sales. Although his fan base is largely comprised of oldies, he has still managed a successful post-Idol career compared to other runner-ups on the show.

"People always come up to me and say, 'My grandmother's your biggest fan,'" Aiken told the Houston Chronicle.  "There's a misconception among these ladies that I'm cool and hip and now. And they think that by liking me, it makes them cool and hip and now.

"But shhh. We aren't going to tell them that I'm not cool and hip at all…I'm never going to be, and I'm fine with that. We all must embrace our inner dork," Aiken added.

Despite his odd style, fans are still enthralled with the former American Idol contestant, who continuously tries to create his own path in his singing career.

When asked what type of songs didn't make the cut of his third album called A Thousand Different Ways, he said, “Things other than covers.  Sorry, I'm being way too honest today.  How do I say this politically correctly?  I was strongly encouraged by other sources to do an album of covers.  There was the feeling that it might be successful because there'd been success with Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow doing covers.  I guess the argument against that would be I don't have the reputation that Rod Stewart has.  I really don't have the credibility that he has, so there's no reason for me to do them.”

For his next album, however, he is looking into some changes that will hopefully bring forth what Clay Aiken is all about.

“The goal for the next album is to go with one producer.  The person we picked is very credible, has won Grammys and has really done an eclectic mix of stuff.  The hope is that we'll be able to find really great songs that suit me and produce them in a way that ... makes me hip without trying too hard,” Aiken told the Houston Chronicle.

Meanwhile, fans can catch Aiken as he performs with an orchestra at 8pm on Saturday at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach.  Tickets are priced at $10 to $100.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Houston Chronicle
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