Elvis Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
Elvis Week on 'Idol': The Best and Worst Performances
The most exciting thing that happened in last night's American Idol was... waiting for everything to be over so that Glee could start. And that's saying something.

Last night's performances were pretty sedate. I'm having a hard time choosing a standout performance--the sort that stands out for the right reasons, mind you. Crystal Bowersox bored me, Lee Dewyze and Casey James didn't deliver anything new, Siobhan Magnus is getting lost (sniff), and Tim Urban still isn't getting there (although surprisingly he is).

But yes, I picked a standout performance for this week, and it's something you might've seen coming after Simon called Casey's performance a "wasted opportunity".

This week's best performance: Adam Lambert as guest mentor

Oh yes, Adam Lambert, last year's runner-up and this week's guest mentor, delivered a performance that I didn't expect from someone who's had little experience in the business--but, I should remember, lots of experience performing and American Idol. His critiques and advice were the best we've seen a mentor give all season. He was pretty straightforward, too: he didn't dilly-dally like Usher did with Tim. I mean, who else would dare bluntly call one performance "boring"?

This week's worst performance: That horrendous Andrew Garcia performance

Adam describing Andrew's performance of "Hound Dog" as "boring" doesn't quite cut it. It's rare for me to know a performance is going to be bad based on the first three notes of the rehearsal video--and it's exactly what happened here. The final performance was just as horrendous. I would compare it to waterboarding, but I'll just say he sounds like a fish out of water, scared as hell for his life. I would've pressed mute to relieve both our misery, but I can't.

So it's pretty certain Andrew's going home tonight, right?

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