Daughtry Tops the Charts
Chris Daughtry, former American Idol season 5 finalist, has sold over one million copies of his rock band Daughtry's self-titled debut album. The album was released on November 21, 2006 and has recently climbed to No. 1 on the Billboard charts, becoming the fastest selling debut rock album in Soundscan history.
Despite his attained success after his inclusion on American Idol, a number of people still pity him for supposedly being "robbed" of his crown. He frankly expressed to the Chicago Tribune his exhaustion regarding the topic stating, "I'm just gonna be real - I hate hearing it... Get over it, you know, because I'm doing all right." In fact, Daughtry is happy he did not win American Idol. "I think it would have stomped on my credibility a little bit," he says. Given his achievements and upcoming projects, Daughtry appears to be more than just okay. Now, spectators are on the look if runner-up Katherine McPhee can surpass Daughtry's success and top the charts with her newly released album. Source: People