BuddyTV's 'Idol' Expert Anoop Desai Picks Who Could Go Home Tonight
Are you beating our American Idol expert Anoop Desai in FantasyTV? Anoop is here to help you make your picks of who could be next to pack their bags. Get an insider's thoughts on who could be going home tonight and why. 

Anoop's three picks to go home are: 

1. Didi Benami

Great voice, but is not utilizing it well on Idol. Still think and hope she can go a little farther and be a cool recording artist.

2. Michael Lynche

Thought it was a great performance, but it was an obscure song choice. Everyone that was in danger of leaving did really well this week, so Mike is my pick to be in danger tonight. Completely arbitrary. He was better than Aaron or Siobhan, but voters will want to save both of them.

3. Tim Urban


So there you have it. Anoop's rather surprising bottom three. Agree or disagree go make your picks before it's too late>>>

(Image courtesy of Fox)