BuddyTV Podcast of Glory: Analysis of 'American Idol' Week 1 Results
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The first three finalists for American Idol have been chosen, and two out of three ain't bad. On today's Podcast and Glory featuring BuddyTV's Idol experts Oscar Dahl and myself, John Kubicek, we discussed the merits of Danny Gokey, the depressing fact of Michael Sarver, who might still have a shot for the judges' wild card round, and what we think of next week's round of 12.

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In week 1 of John vs. Oscar, Oscar took a slight lead correctly predicting Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace. His third choice, Anoop Desai, was also the like fourth place finisher. I, however, only got Gokey, going out on a limb for Tatiana Del Toro and Brent Keith. At least I correctly predicted a good ol' boy would make it, I just chose the wrong one.

We both agreed that Michael Sarver is a bit of an embarrassment, and the only reason he made it was because Simon Cowell urged America to vote for him because he's a likable guy, but because of his talent.

As for Mr. Gokey, we also waged a bit of criticism towards the show's Golden Boy. Oscar thinks he might be getting a bit too cocky, while I simply didn't like his stupid clear-framed glasses.

We also pointed out the obvious flaw in the way the votes were revealed, since Alexis and Michael were announced first, deflating any suspense for the second half of the show since everyone on the planet knew Gokey would be safe.

For the wild card, we agreed that Noop Dogg is an obvious frontrunner, as is Ricky Braddym who the judges fawned over. Tatiana Del Toro could get another shot based on her performance, and the judges might even let Jackie Tohn try once again.

With next week's show, we expressed a bit of disappointment that President Obama's speech will push Idol back to Wednesday and Thursday. I believe causing American Idol to be delayed is an impeachable offense. Regardless, we agreed that the field of 12 has three obvious frontrunners: Broadway singer (and possible Jonas brother clone) Adam Lambert, the delightful Megan Corkrey, and the soulful Matt Giraud. In fact, Oscar thinks Megan and Matt are the two best singers in the whole top 36, so he has especially high hopes.

Most importantly, we both agreed that whatever happens, Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle, should provide plenty of entertainment during next week's show.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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