Breaking News: Press Conference with American Idol Eliminated Contestant Gina Glocksen
Tuesday night on American Idol, Gina Glocksen showed a different side of her rocker self and the judges seemed to appreciate that she showed off her vocal skills.  America disagreed, however, and though this was her first appearance in the bottom three, Gina was ultimately sent home.  BuddyTV was part of a press conference with Gina this morning and the following is a recap of what transpired:

Gina was happy that she chose a song that showed she had a voice and was not just a rocker.  The elimination comes at an unfortunate time however, because she was really looking forward to singing "Living on a Prayer" during Bon Jovi week.  Despite previously competing on American Idol in years past, this was her first time being in the Top 10.  She wouldn't have done it any other way and she's glad that she worked on things for a couple years when she was cut in the past.  She took vocal lessons in Chicago and learned how to make her voice work with different genres. 

Gina believes that though the contestant's track record each week counts a lot, at the end of the day no one knows what America wants.  Her and the other contestants always conclude that they have no idea what America wants but that the important thing is to stay true to who you are.

When they announced she was going home she was really disappointed because at no point did she think she would be going home this week.  She was proud of her performance and song on Tuesday so it was an emotional farewell.  The crowd's booing made her feel blessed and "very much loved" because she never knew how many people loved her in the audience since there were so many signs for other contestants. She is okay with the decision though because she still gets to go on tour.

After the show, Paula told her that she was a big fan and Simon said that he liked her and was glad she went back to her rocker image.  Simon's previously negative comments were not because he didn't like, said Gina, but because he was acting like a "tough love" parent and wanted her to get better.  But the best advice she received throughout the competition wasn't from the judges, it was from Diana Ross.  She said to choose one person and trust them in their opinions and Gina took that advice to heart.

Being part of the American Idol family was like being in a bubble but she couldn't explain enough just how much everyone got along.  She said that there weren't any cliques or resentment, and that everyone was like family.  They really got to bond because they were with each other so much.  She is even friends with Sanjaya.  Nobody badmouths him in front of her because they are friends.  She likes that he doesn't care what anyone thinks and is always proud of himself and Gina thinks that is a great quality to have.  She is proud of him for hanging in there.

Gina has no regrets, is excited to go on tour and wants to get a record deal and try to sell albums.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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