American Idol: Who'll Make It to the Top 12?
American Idol: Who'll Make It to the Top 12?
Dun-dun-dun-dun-dunnnnnnn... the sinister music (if you imagined it that way) is necessary: tonight American Idol reveals the Top 12.

This week's performances were, as the judges repeated over and over, critical. "The most important night in your career," as Simon told Katelyn. And yet, like last week, it's pretty hard to pinpoint the two guys and two girls who will be going home. The girls, who have fared better in the first two weeks, pulled off a sleepover on Tuesday. The guys, on the other hand, delivered some of their best performances yet. Right now, it's hard guessing who goes because it's been pretty uneven for the most part--well, expect for a couple of contestants.

Still, we'll try guessing. Isn't that our job? We cover Idol, we give our thoughts, and never mind if they're wrong (first week) or not (second week). The same goes this week, as BuddyTV's resident American Idol experts--that'd be me and Abbey--try to guess who'll miss the Top 12 at the very last minute. Of course, your thoughts go here too, thanks to your poll answers and Fantasy TV predictions. Now, to see whether this is all right...

Your Fantasy TV Picks:

Paige Miles - 49%
Todrick Hall - 13%
Katie Stevens - 9%
Tim Urban - 6%

Poll results from this week's live thoughts:

Favorite female performance this week:
Crystal Bowersox's "Give Me One Reason": 48%
Didi Benami's "Rhiannon": 30%
Siobhan Magnus' "The House of the Rising Sun": 9%

Favorite male performance this week:
Michael Lynche's "This Woman's Work": 58%
Casey James' "You'll Think Of Me": 21%
Lee Dewyze's "Fireflies": 13%

Least favorite female performance this week:
Paige Miles' "Smile": 64%
Katie Stevens' "Breakaway": 17%
Katelyn Epperly's "I Feel The Earth Move": 11%

Least favorite male performance this week:
Aaron Kelly's "I'm Already There": 33%
Andrew Garcia's "Genie in a Bottle": 25%
Todrick Hall's "Somebody to Love": 21%

Experts' picks for elimination:

Abbey Simmons picks:
Paige Miles
Katie Stevens
Aaron Kelly
Todrick Hall

Andrew Garcia, Katelyn Epperly and Lacey Brown could be in trouble, too. The balladeers seem in trouble this season.

Henrik Batallones picks:
Aaron Kelly
Lacey Brown (one performance cannot undo everything, sadly)
Paige Miles
Todrick Hall

Alex Lambert might go, but he's got the underdog appeal fans love. Same probably goes for Katie Stevens.

Like last week, we both picked the same people 75% of the time. But the most important question today doesn't go "who will be eliminated?" It goes, "who will be part of this season's Top 12?" And with the competition taking one more step up the ladder, it's never been more crucial.

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