American Idol: Top 7 Power Rankings
Not a whole lot of movement in the American Idol Power Rankings this week, but that's to be expected after how last week played out.  I don't think it's fair to shuffle the deck significantly after the remaining singers were placed in the difficult position of performing Latin songs, a genre unfamiliar and out of the comfort zone for every single one of the singers.  Haley Scarnato probably deserved her elimination, and this week it is almost a certainty that Phil Stacey will get the boot.

The only way Phil sticks around would be a terrific performance from him, coupled with an apocalyptic showing from Chris Richardson.  It's possible, but if you're laying some money down on BoDog this week, the smart bet is for Phil to get the boot.  The Sanjaya situation is another issue to keep a close eye on.  His performance last week was as solid as we can expect out of him, and we'll see if he can keep it up.  I'm guessing he can't.

The whole Sanjaya situation has passed the point of humor and gotten downright scary.  The further Sanjaya gets, the more it perpetuates itself.  He will get more press, and more non-Idol fans will vote for him just to see what happens.  I talked to a buddy this weekend, someone who had never watched Idol before, and he admitted that he and his two roommates vote for Sanjaya five times each, every week.  Why?  Because it's funny.  And it kind of is...unless he ends up winning.  Then, it'd be really funny.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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