American Idol: Top 6 Power Rankings
Now that Sanjaya is gone, the rankings can at last achieve some semblance of clarity.  He was such a wild card in terms of fan support and voting that it skewed any insights we could have had on the chances of the remaining singers to win.  Now, I think I have a pretty good idea of how things will play out.

The most interesting wrinkle (besides Sanjaya) during last Wednesday's results show was the inclusion of Blake Lewis in the bottom three, along with Lakisha.  Phil made the top three, somehow, after spending a month in the bottom.  On one hand, this was a complete surprise given the past weeks' occurences.  On the other hand, he deserved to be safe after he gave his best performance of the season during country night. 

The female hierarchy is clear to me at this point.  The guys?  Not so much.  They are almost interchangeable, given how the voting shook out last week.  I think it's going to be up to their performances, plain and simple.  Whoever can outshine the others will be safe.  Another wild card will be the judge's reactions.  Viewers are significantly swayed by Simon's opinions, as evidenced by Sanjaya's departure.  Simon finally threw down the gauntlet, ripping Sanjaya to shreds.  America listened.  Saying that, I think Simon has been unfairly critical of Phil all season, while giving excess leeway to both Chris and Blake.  Will this effect next Wednesday's outcome?  We shall see.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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