American Idol: Top 5 biggest disappointments
Every January, there is hope.  Endless auditions provide a multitude of seemingly able singers, people who, under the right circumstances, could end up winning American Idol.  Unfortunately, disappointment comes fast for the majority of the Idol contestants.  More or less, this is what American Idol is about.  The failure to live up to expectations vs. the ability to exceed them.  Each contestant sets a bar for themselves when their initial audition airs.  Sometimes that bar can be changed, but oftentimes it will create a precedent that the singer will never again live up to.

The most disappointing aspect of American Idol is watching someone you pegged as a real contender during the auditions fall by the wayside.  Between Hollywood and the top 24, a number of singers who gave us great auditions will simply disappear.  Others will choke on the big stage.  Some will manage to make the top 24, but will then underwhelm us until they are eliminated.  Today, on the same day that the Idol champion will be crowned, let's take a look back at this season's biggest disappointments.

Say what you will about Blake Lewis, but he is absolute proof that vocal talent is not as important for Idol success as some would like to believe.  The frustrating thing about those who display amazing vocals during the audition process is that they have the potential to win the whole thing.  You can, conceivably, pick up and learn a lot of the intangibles that Blake Lewis has succeeded with this season.  However, you can't learn to have a great voice.  The individuals who comprise the top 5 disappointments vary in how far they made it this season, but they all share one thing in common: they greatly underachieved given their talent level.  Each member of the list is accompanied by a video, courtesy of YouTube.

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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