American Idol: Top 4 Performance Show, Live Thoughts
Hey, everyone, it's Disco Night on American Idol!!  The Bee Gees' Barry Gibb will be mentoring the performers tonight, who will be singing two songs each for the first time.  What follows are my live thoughts while watching the episode.

And we're off.  Seacrest gives a typically vanilla intro that I didn't pay attention to.  I'm actually excited about the two performances for each singer thing.  All four of these contestants are good singers, the first time all season I've actually looked forward to all the songs.

It's Barry 'effin Gibb!!!

Every song tonight will be a Gibb tune.

How great is the old "Stayin' Alive" video? 

Barry and the four singers sing "How Deep is You Love?"

Barry Gibb sounds like Sean Connery with some cotton balls in his cheeks.

Melinda kicks it off with "A Taste of Honey".  Hmm, her voice seems a little uncharacteristically soft at the outset.  Maybe it's the sound mixing.  She gets better at the end.  Not her best.

Randy agrees that it was solid, unspectacular.  Simon wanted "incredible" from Melinda and he didn't get it.  Simon and Paula bicker.  It's not as cute as they think it is.

Best part of the double performances?  No time for filler.

Some bad patter between Randy and Ryan.

Blake will be next, singing "You Should Be Dancing." 

Disco night favors Blake to a ridiculous degree.  He'll be beat-boxing at some point during this song.  It's almost entirely falsetto.  He hits the beat-boxing part and, admittedly, it is pretty cool. Not great, not even that good...more like a novelty.

Randy didn't think the beat-boxing worked.  Paula loved the beat-boxing, but not the chorus.  Simon thought it was terrible.

Lakisha will be singing "Stayin' Alive".  This will be interesting, possibly awful.

Maybe not, Lakisha slows down the song and comes out sassy.  But...I'm not too impressed.  This is an almost impossible song for a lady to pull off.  The whole tune is based on male falsetto.

Verdict:  She did what she could, tried to make it her own, sang it as well as she could, but overall it wasn't that good.

Randy didn't think it was working.  Simon thought it was "verging on scary" at points.  I wouldn't go that far, but it wasn't all that good.

Jordin will take the stage next.  She'll be singing "To Love Somebody".  I'm predicting a great performance.

See, this isn't a disco song.  It's a slow sort of ballad, and Jordin is kicking its ass.  Well, there are a few hiccups.  She sings out of tune a bit, and skews off the beat.  But, the big notes are there. Pretty damn good.  Not spectacular, but best of the night so far.

Randy agrees with me, says best of the night.  Simon likes it, and tells us in a succinct manner.

Another commercial.

Melinda Doolittle is back for her second song.  She'll be performing "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?"  This should be right up her alley.

She might be a little off the beat, but other than that, it is awesome.  She absolutely dominates some high notes.  Best performance of the night. 

Randy loves it.  Simon thinks it just put Melinda in the semi-finals.

Blake will be doing an obscure song "This is Where I Came In".  He'll be doing more beat-boxing, hopefully in a more subtle fashion.

Blake is giving this tune a distinct funk/reggae feel.  It sounds like something Jamiroquai would do.  This is a good vocal performance from Blake.  It sucks having to go right after Melinda, because you're going to sound like an inferior singer. But, saying that, I thought it was good, better than his first song.

Randy thought is was a ight.  Paula liked it though.  Simon is baffled why he chose that song.  He thinks Blake has had a bad night.  This may send him home tomorrow.

Judge Judy is in the crowd.  I am unimpressed.

Lakisha will be performing "Run to Me".  It's a ballad, a song in which she'll have to change key twice. 

A little out-of-tune at the beginning while she's singing soft.  Once the high stuff kicks in, Lakisha comes alive, but there some rough spots in there, especially the last note. 

Randy thought it was better than the first song.  Simon thought it was better, still not great. 

One more commercial, then Jordin will perform.

Jordin will be singing "Woman in Love," a song previously sung by Barbara Streisand.  Barry Gibbs loves Jordin. 

Jordin has really stepped it up tonight.  She's been a fair amount better than any of the other three singers.  She kicked this song's ass, I thought.

Randy and Paula thought it was pitchy throughout.  Eh, I don't think it was that bad.  Simon thought it was old-fashioned. 

So, that's it.  Interesting episode.  It's definitely between Lakisha and Blake.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer