'Idol' Thoughts: WTF America?
'Idol' Thoughts: WTF America?
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last week, America got it right: they eliminated contestants who had under-whelmed, butchered notes and were never ever going to win American Idol. But this week is trickier. Much, much trickier. Not only is tonight the final elimination episode and the last cut before the hallowed Top 12, there are also a lot more middling mediocre performances to chose from.  

Most of the performances this week weren't terrible, but most of them weren't anything special. And it's these kind of elimination nights, where it is so much more than the singing that comes into play, that makes me worried about who'll be singing their swan song tonight and who, with their perfect bangs and six pack abs, will be staying. 

There's one way to find out who stays and who goes America, watch along live with me. I'll be looking for an even sadder rendition of "Smile" from Paige Miles and, of course, Tim Urban's elimination. Though I'm feeling like only one of those things might actually happen tonight. What are you looking for tonight on American Idol?

Things that make me feel better about tonight's American Idol: they have already done "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night" by The Black Eyed Peas. At least we know we won't be tortured with that travesty of a "song" tonight. That means it'll be at least a better, better night, right?

Seacrest teases us that we could be in for a surprise or two with who does and does not make it to the Top 12, which has me both nervous and excited. Maybe, just maybe He-Bangs will surprisingly loose his fresh-faced sheen. Or, much more likely and disturbing, maybe someone who can actually sing and we like will be sent home. (Katelyn Epperly, my fingers and toes are crossed for you tonight. You too Alex Lambert.)

Top 16 Group Song: "Haven't Met You Yet" by Michael Buble

It's a bit bubble gum barber shop sixteen-tet for my taste but it is BY FAR the best group number of the season, with lots of great harmonizing. It's the first thing all season that hasn't made me feel like the group songs weren't complete filler and a waste of time.

Commercial Break Question: If you could have the Top 12 sing for next week's group song what would it be?

Ryan confirms that next week the theme will be music of The Rolling Stones, but if you read BuddyTV, you already knew that last night! Any Stones' song recommendations for the Top 12?

Ladies' Results:

Didi Benami:SAFE - TOP 12
(which makes Ryan Seacrest very happy)
Siobhan Magnus: SAFE - TOP 12
(1 indie girl in, 3 to go)

Ryan calls both Paige and Katelyn down and says one will be safe and one will out, which makes me queasy and apparently Katelyn too, who looks positively green.

Paige Miles:  SAFE - TOP 12
(the worsters win again)
Katelyn Epperly: ELIMINATED

Well, there's a surprise, you can actually turn a song called "Smile" into the a funeral dirge and still get through, Carole King on the other hand, remains a widow maker on American Idol.

Commercial Break Question:
Do you think Katelyn's elimination is the only surprise awaiting us tonight?