American Idol: Top 11 Results Show, Quick Thoughts
Who will be sent home tonight on American Idol?  Here are the main contenders, in my mind (this was written before they announced the bottom three, mind you): Phil Stacey, Sanjaya Malakar, Gina Glocksen and Stephanie Edwards.  Really, I think it'd be a huge upset if it wasn't one of them.  Sanjaya is the one who should be going home, but we all know that probably isn't going to happen, as evidenced by the crying little girl last night.  What follows are my quick, unfiltered thoughts as I watched tonight's episode. 

  • And we're off.  Ryan introduces the clips of each contestant's performance. 
  • Watching the clips, it makes it that much more clear that the overall quality of last night crushed any other night this season. 

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  • Peter Noone, the singer for Herman's Hermits who helped the guys with their songs for last night, comes out to sing.  Noone is a corny dude, but he's shameless about, which you have to respect.  He's okay with being an old dork.  This is a fine song, but I'm not a big Herman's Hermits guy. 
  • Aww, all the contestants are clapping along.  I bet it was totally spontaneous.
  • Noone actually sounds pretty good.
  • And what the hell is this?  A Ford commercial with all the Top 11 contestants frolicking in a laundromat.  More than a bit offensive.
  • Results time.
  • Blake Lewis, Phil Stacey and Melinda Doolittle are told to stand.  They are not in the bottom three.  Hmm, I thought Phil was going to be in the bottom tonight.
  • Lakisha Jones, Jordin Sparks, and Chris Sligh stand up.  None are in the bottom three.  No surprises there. 
  • Gina Glocksen, Haley Scarnato, and Sanjaya Malakar are told to stand.  Obviously, they'll be the bottom three.
  • NOOO!!!  They aren't the bottom three.  Sanjaya is saved again. AHHHHH!!!  And he's not even in the bottom two.  Absolute madness. 
  • Stephanie Edwards and Chris Richardson are the bottom two this week.  I can understand Stephanie being there, but not really Chris.  Although I don't think he has a chance to win, I thought he'd easily progress the next couple weeks.
  • Ryan reminds of the Idol Gives Back charity event that's upcoming.  He's asking corporate America to get involved, to donate a certain amount per every vote received.  Do it, corporate America.
  • LuLu, who helped the ladies last night, comes out to sing To Sir, With Love. 
  • Although she's not bad, it's fairly clear that LuLu enjoys her cigarettes and, possibly, whiskey. 
  • And another commercial before the results.
  • Stephanie Edwards has been eliminated from American Idol
  • I can't get too upset about this because I was never a big fan of Stephanie and I didn't think she had any sort of chance at winning.  However, there are some far less deserving singers who remain alive and well on the show.  Hopefully, it will all sort itself out over the coming weeks.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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