American Idol: Tony Bennett hates Simon Cowell...maybe
At first, I didn't believe this story, but then I saw it on MSNBC and, since they're a relatively respectable news source, we have to assume it's a little bit valid.  Here's the story: Tony Bennett, the legendary old crooner, wasn't impressed with Simon Cowell or the way the kids were treated in general during the week he visited American Idol.  Now, the Simon Cowell thing makes some sense; even though I like the guy, I can understand why someone wouldn't.  However, Bennett's purported issue with the treatment of the contestants is unreasonable.

Anyway, here is Bennett's quote, from Time Out Magazine:

“I had it out with Simon (Cowell) when I met him and suggested that he should open up tiny clubs across the countries so the kids could break in and learn properly,” Bennett told the mag. “He said, ‘Oh, I haven’t got time for that, I’m too busy making money!’”

Now, who knows what kind of context this quote was taken in?  I find the whole story a bit suspect, because this quote is the only example of Bennett's supposed hatred of Cowell.  However, if you look at that quote, you can imagine someone saying it in a joking manner.  It could easily have been taken out of context.  Tony Bennett has never seemed like an angry gentleman to me.  Every appearance I've witnessed Tony make, he's been a jolly old fellow.  Why would he suddenly spew venom towards Simon Cowell, just days after appearing on American Idol?  He seemed to have a good time on the show.

The issue anyone takes with how the contestants are treated is totally bogus.  When they go to audition, they know who the judges are and they know how honest they can be.  So what if they have to work hard or practice long hours?  They're also becoming famous overnight.  It's worth it.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer