American Idol: Sanjaya survives, and the power of mini-skirts

UPDATED - After having a few hours to digest Gina's elimination last night, the masses are still letting their voices be heard.  We've had an overwhelming number of comments since last night's show, and we've decided to post the best comments from all of our users.

American Idol moves into it's Top 8 with one singer (Sanjaya Malakar) who doesn't have any business being there and one other who is getting by on her skimpy outfits (Haley Scarnato).  Phil Stacey sticks around despite giving everyone a mediocre performance last night.  The eliminated singer, Gina Glocksen, was truly one of the better pure singers on the show, but apparently that doesn't count for much at this point.

It's not so much that Sanjaya is still alive that is frustrating, it's the fact that he's not even sniffing elimination.  For the second week in a row, Sanjaya wasn't even in the bottom three!!!  How is that possible?  Anyway, all you readers out there seem to be up in arms as well, as evidenced by your comments on our recent American Idol articles, especially tonight's American Idol: Top 9 Results Show Quick Thoughts.  Here is a sampling of what all you BuddyTV users have had to say about tonight's show:

Maizey said: Sanjaya does not deserve to be ont he show anymore. He should have been voted off weeks ago and left the singing to real singers. His voice is weak and his persona is forgettable. He has no volume or soul in his voice. He might as well be a Hanson brother singing Um bop songs and swishing his hair around. He hasnt got anymore to offer the world other than his hair and cheeky smile. It's my understanding that Howard Stern is leading a campaign to keep Sanjaya on the show by getting people to call in on his behalf.


Chris said: Sanjaya not being in the bottom 3 is a travesty but note Sanjaya haters, at least he's not in the top 3. If he stays where he is, he will be gone in a few weeks. And I will dance for joy!


Ken Juhasz said: The show is becoming a joke. You need to limit the # of calls per phone and the length of time you have to call in after the show. A dress code for the girls might not be a bad idea either, this is a singing competition(as Simon points out) not a who can show the most skin contest.


MAURA said: Sanjaya should go in a hole and never come out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Linda K said: What a travesty that Sanjaya continues to make a mockery of the real American Idol Show. I've not been as angry & disheartened over a contestant in my life. Gina doesn't deserve to be eliminated. I actually thought of no longer watching just like everyone else but we'd only be hurting those with real talent who've worked so hard to be there. Sanjaya is a prime example of how some can ruin a good thing for others. Voting left up to the public online has been taken over by a host of illiterates -Howard Stern, Sanjaya and their "gang" of thieves. Stealing what belongs to the rest of those with real talent. What a sad sad affair. My heart goes out to Gina tonight & others in the weeks to come. FOX needs to rethink how this has destroyed a good thing.


SModeski said: Are you freakin' serious? America apparently cannot handle a girl who rocks, preferring the gal with the gams. After last night's performance I said Haley would stay simply because of her peekabooIseeyou dress...and voila! America also seems to prefer the guy with the Farrah Fawcett do. I said Sanjaya would stay because...well, apparently it's freakin' Fanjaya nation out there. Let's just hope American doesn't pull the Fantasia-Jennifer-LaToya mess with Jordin-Melinda-Lakisha. When that happens, I think everyone, including the Idol backup singers, band and stage crew, should boycott.


And this one came from our American Idol forum:

I really liked to watch this show in the past, thinking it was a good place for talented people to compete to become the American idol. This year, it is nothing less than a bad joke. I will not watch it anymore until Fox figures out what it is their show is supposed to be. A big joke for untalented wierdos to flaunt their wierdness and make fun of the show in general or a place where legitimately talented people can come together to entertain the public and gain favor by receiving our votes. As it stands, I don't plan on giving this show any more attention than it deserves... I thought the auditions had a purpose - to weed out wierdos and toss them out with the bath water... Maybe they need to give Simon 2 votes?????


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What does everyone else think?  We're going to be posting all of your comments more often, so let us know what you think and you'll find yourself in one of our articles.


-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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