'American Idol' Roundup: The Three Hometown Visits, and Sir Simon Cowell?
I'm back on the American Idol round-up bit. In this edition, I'll cover what happened during the top three's hometown visits, a possible new title for Simon Cowell and a new video from some former Idol contestants.

The Daily Mirror reports that Simon Cowell could be knighted as part of the Queen's annual birthday honors. The tabloid reports that he will be honored for his contributions to charity and the entertainment industry and his involvement in shows such as Idol, The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. Soon, we might be calling him Sir Simon Cowell... but will it happen?

People magazine has a pretty comprehensive round-up of what happened during the hometown visits of this year's top three. Let's go with the lady first: Crystal Bowersox returned to Toledo, Ohio, where she was given a key to the city and performed twice, to crowds of 5,000 and 4,000 people respectively. She also reunited with bass player Frankie May and performed at Papa's Tavern, a neighborhood bar where she frequently performed.

Lee Dewyze had a bigger time in Chicago, where he reunited with the folks at his former high school, visited the paint store where he used to work, and threw the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game. He then performed at the Arlington Park Racetrack in front of a whopping 41,000 people. Although, yes, I figure the audience was there for the race.

Finally, Casey James returned to Cool, Texas, where he had a really packed schedule. He also performed twice, and his second appearance was in front of a 4,000-strong crowd. He was given the keys to the city and also received a handful of marriage proposals, but he enjoys being reunited with the family the most. They had a picnic before his final performance. And all throughout, he was sleepless.

Check out photos from Casey, Crystal and Lee's hometown visit here:

Let's close this round-up with a video from someone who doesn't have to return to his hometown: it's Andrew Garcia, here with one-time Hollywood contender Tori Kelley and frequent collaborator AJ Rafael:

(Images courtesy of Fox)