'American Idol' Roundup: Of Missing Paulas and Missing Dannys
And then I realized I've been doing lots of American Idol news roundups lately.  Well, I'll wait for the next auditions (which, if I remember correctly, will be in Atlanta).  Or maybe I can continue goading my friend to go audition in Dallas.  Before all that, though, a couple of items, one involving a no-show at the Boston auditions, and another involving a little confusion.  Shall we, then?

Item one: Where's Paula?  I didn't notice any of the articles about the Boston articles mention this, but apparently Paula Abdul tweeted at the same time as the auditions, saying that she's at home in Los Angeles, catching up on CSI: NY.  (Disclaimer: I don't follow Paula on Twitter.)  Throw that into the increasingly-quiet-yet-important-sorts speculation about her future on the show, and you have those questions coming in.  Did those negotiations fail?

Well, actually not.  Sources told TVGuide.com that Paula's no-show shouldn't alarm anyone.  None of the judges, they say, are actually needed until August, which is when the Hollywood auditions begin, and the contestants get whittled down to the Top 36.  Just to be clear, though, Fox doesn't have anything to say about whether Paula, or last year's new judge Kara DioGuardi, have renewed their contracts for the ninth season of the show.  At least, not yet.

Item two: Where's Danny?  It's pretty amusing how this panned out.  There's a website, called DannyGokeyGear.com, which sells "designer eyewear worn by Danny Gokey".  A cut of the proceeds is said to be donated to Sophia's Heart Foundation, the organization the Idol contestant founded after the death of his wife after complications from heart surgery.  Catch is, Danny's got absolutely nothing to do with it.

So, is it Danny taking advantage of his wife's death?  Or is it someone else taking advantage of Danny's fame entirely?  Not at all, according to the website's owner, Joe Monaghan.  He set up the website--he owns an Internet company in Denver--only to support the charity, and while he's made that very clear on the site, it's quite easy to miss, and it's led to some confusion.  Or, perhaps, something else.

"A couple of us in the Denver area are real big Danny Gokey fans, and we're trying to support him and his charity, so we started the site," Monaghan said.  "We didn't have a lot of money to print T-shirts or anything, so we started focusing on the glasses.  We started talking to places in the Denver area that sold the kinds he wore on Idol, because we wanted to work some sort of deal with them.  Advertise the glasses on our site, send a portion of the proceeds to charity."

In the end, he got the attention of some groups, with the TV Guide Channel mentioning the site, and specs dealer FramesDirect agreeing to sell the same type of glasses Danny wore.  But it got confusing, and people started thinking it's a scam.  A representative for FramesDirect said it's like they're "doing a fundraiser" for the foundation.  The site owner thinks Danny would want something like this to happen, but regrets the misinformation.  As for Danny, well, nobody could reach him--yet.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Sources: TVGuide.com, MTV News
(Image courtesy of Fox)