'American Idol' Roundup: And the New Vote for the Worst Pick Is...
On the American Idol roundup this weekend, the controversy surrounding Kelly Clarkson's Indonesia gig reaches full circle, and Simon Cowell's marriage gets delayed. But first, not-so-good news for folks like me...

Siobhan Magnus is now Vote for the Worst's new pick. "The only Worster thing to look forward to is Siobhan's screeching, talking back to the judges in the slowest possible manner, strange outfits, and bipolar antics," the website said. "he's clearly one of the worst singers and she does the [number one] thing that a VFTW pick has to do: entertain."

I did see that coming, because Aaron is boring, Big Mike is middling, Casey's doing fine, and the other two contestants are just untouchable. And look at their caricature of her. Butterflies! But being a huge fan of her, I am not exactly happy about this. Are you? Let's get talking by clicking here.

Elsewhere, the furor over Kelly Clarkson's concert in Jakarta--specifically, the fact that it is promoted by a cigarette brand--has reached full circle. The concert's promoter has announced that cigarette brand LA Lights has been dropped as the main sponsor of Kelly's concert in the Indonesian city, which will be held on April 29. "There will be no [LA Lights] media promotion at the ... concert," Adrie Subono, the promoter, told the Associated Press.

Kelly, on the other hand, is all business, slipping in to the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur--the first stop in her Asian concert tour, which also sees gigs in Singapore, Manila and Tokyo--without much fanfare. According to Malaysian newspaper The Star, she came in looking like a tourist and declining to be photographed, telling promoters that she "dressed too sloppily".

Finally, Simon Cowell's marriage to make-up artist Mezghan Hussainy has been delayed, to give him more time to prepare for the American version of The X Factor, which will air in 2011. "He doesn't need to rush into it anyway," close friend Nigel Lythgoe told News of the World. "Simon has a lot to do ... [and maybe] he's just gearing himself up. He hasn't really known Mezghan for that long." The two were reportedly set to marry this summer.

Although you can expect a bigger marriage by 2011: Simon's wealth has increased by 38% during the past year, putting his net worth at roughly $253 million. The Sunday Times' annual list of the richest people in British music sees Simon settle in 11th place, behind Andrew Lloyd Webber and Warner Music boss Edgar Bronfman.

(Image courtesy of Fox)