'American Idol' Roundup: (Almost) Everybody Hates Howard, But Not the Coke Glasses
This week's biggest American Idol story: Howard Stern as a guest judge. He says he'd love to, the producers say there are no plans, and everybody seems to not like the decision--well, almost everybody, because the fans would love it. That's how we kick off tonight's American Idol roundup, with contributions from Conan O'Brien and those Coke cups.

Howard Stern fallout? I'd like to call it that. Kara DioGuardi thinks he's so not a good fit. "If you're going to replace Simon, you have to have that background," she told reporters. "You have to be somebody that knows about signing great artists, and I think that's probably a precursor for whoever takes that position."

The Parents Television Council has, of course, reacted to rumors of the shock jock being touted as Simon's replacement. "Given American Idol's extreme popularity with family audiences, I hope that Fox will put the rumors to rest and announce that it has no intention of adding to the show one of the most profane, sexually explicit and anti-family performers in the history of the broadcast medium, either as a guest or as a judge," the group said in a statement. "Adding [Stern] to American Idol would spell immediate death for one of the best franchises in American family entertainment."

But despite the rumors, the clarification, and Stern speaking out on his Sirius radio show, producers insist that it will take months before a replacement is found, that they haven't given Stern an offer, and that they're not considering him at all. (Honestly, I thought his statements on his show were designed to add fuel to the fire. One thing he does best: grab all the publicity he can...)

If now Howard, maybe Conan? Now there's talk of Conan O'Brien taking over Simon's slot on Idol. While sources say such a move could prove beneficial to the show--it's only been weeks since the late night show host was forced to leave The Tonight Show to pave way for Jay Leno's return--it must be pointed out that he's got no musical background, too. And, really, Coco on Idol? That would be such a waste of his talents.

Simon's Haiti single sells like pancakes, and then some. Speaking of Simon, the BBC now reports that his Haiti charity single--a remake of REM's "Everybody Hurts", featuring Leona Lewis, Susan Boyle, Mariah Carey and Rod Stewart, among others--has become the fastest selling charity single in British history. Sales for the single has hit the 200,000 mark in just two days, putting it on track to become the British number one this weekend. "This is a phenomenal achievement," the Official Chart Company's Martin Talbot said.

And finally... what about the Coke glasses? Last night's Hollywood show saw them replaced with Vitaminwater glasses, which is still a Coca-Cola brand. An Idol rep told MTV News that the switch is temporary: "During the Hollywood Week episodes, Coca-Cola will share the mic with Vitaminwater Zero, but the Coke cups will return on the first live show on Tuesday, February 23." Honestly, I need my red on the judges' desk.

(Image courtesy of Business Week)