American Idol: Rosie vs. Paula? How did we get so lucky?
Rosie has a new enemy: Paula Abdul This is great. There are few things on TV nowadays that are quite as entertaining as all these Rosie O'Donnell antics that just keep popping up. Just when I thought that celebrities may have learned a lesson from her, what do I find on the news? American Idol's Paula Abdul giving a drunken tirade to the anchors of Q13 Fox in Seattle. Here's the video:
So, now we have Rosie vs. American Idol. On Wednesday's episode of The View, Rosie remarked, "Paula was very thirsty last night," implying that Abdul was hitting the sauce throughout the show, until she was blotto. The very next day, angered by the way the judges cruelly treated a certain "monkey-looking" contestant, Rosie called the judges "three millionaires, one probably intoxicated." As Paula, our American Idol sweetheart, said herself, " Any publicity is good publicity." -BuddyTV Staff Columnist