'American Idol' Results: Who Goes Home from the Top 12?
'American Idol' Results: Who Goes Home from the Top 12?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's time to go "Home" for one of the Top 12 singers on American Idol. That word has multiple meanings this week since it was the theme and it's also the hit song of tonight's musical guest, season 11 winner Phillip Phillips. Yes, P2 is in the house!

More importantly, another singer will be eliminated from American Idol season 13. Last week was easy to predict since we all knew Kristen O'Connor was a dead woman walking. This week, however, poses a trickier situation. The Top 12 delivered a thoroughly underwhelming performance show with lots of mediocrity. When Dexter Roberts is my favorite, you know it was a bad night.

I'm predicting that another Wild Card finalist, Jena Irene, will go home thanks to her bland performance of a song whose only real value is in rom-com movie trailers. Jeff Dodge thinks M.K. Nobilette will go after another weak performance and her surprising Bottom 3 finish last week. And we both agree that C.J. and Emily should also be worried. But which one will go home or be saved by the judges?

THIS...is American Idol!

The episode opens with a cool video of the Top 12 filming themselves all singing Phillip Phillips' "Home."

I'm a huge fan of the post-performance dinner conversation with the contestants. It's instructive to hear them talking about how they would appreciate a tutorial on when it's OK to be sharp.

Harry Connick, Jr. brings insane levels of realness by saying that, if he was a mentor, he'd be with the singers until 5am every day helping them, but he's a judge and only has a short amount of time to convey his thoughts and give them some feedback. He claims this is the best group of talent since season 1 (um, no) but he adds that it was not on display last night.

To try and make Harsh Harry nicer, Idol got New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees (aka Harry's hero) to give him a pep talk. It doesn't quite work. Sorry, producers, but Harry is not going to stop dropping truth bombs.

The Results, Part 1

Emily Piriz is...IN THE BOTTOM 3!
Sam Woolf is...SAFE!
Jessica Meuse is...SAFE!
Ben Briley is...SAFE!

I'm not surprised about Emily. Jessica and Ben were my two least favorite performances, but they clearly have some fans. This early, being in the middle is worse than being the worst.

Phillip Phillips

He's a testament to the fact that a great song can instantly make someone a star. "Home" was just the right song at the right time. Now he's back to sing "Raging Fire." It's a very catchy song, and I think, somehow, P2 has become one of the most successful American Idol winners. His voice just fits with what's current. All of the contestants this season, especially the White Guys With Guitars, should be taking notes.

The Results, Part 2

Dexter Roberts is...SAFE!
Majesty Rose is...SAFE!
Jena Irene is...IN THE BOTTOM 3!
Alex Preston is...SAFE!

Again, no real surprises. This season is clearly going to be very bad for the girls since this means five of them have already been in the Bottom 3 at least once.


This is Randy Jackson's pick, an Irish band singing "All I Want." You may recognize this song from Grey's Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries, as it's been featured on both shows in the past two years. That should tell you everything you need to know about what kind of song it is.

The Results, Part 3

Caleb Johnson is...SAFE!
C.J. Harris is...SAFE!
Malaya Watson is...SAFE!
M.K. Nobilette is...IN THE BOTTOM 3!

Ouch, it sucks that M.K. is in the bottom again. It also sucks for the girls that the Bottom 3 is once again all-female. But I'm a bit surprised that, in a week that was so uniformly bad, the bottom was still fairly easy to predict and Jeff got it exactly right.

The Final Results

Jena Irene is...SAFE!
M.K. Nobilette is...SAFE!


Wow, that's a bit of a shock. She had my favorite performance last week with "Glitter in the Air" and I thought having a boyfriend in the U.S. Marines would've earned her some votes.

She sings "Stars" by Grace Potter to try and get the Judges' Save. She's pretty good, definitely better than her weak-ass J. Lo cover last night.

The judges do NOT use the Save.

J. Lo clearly wanted to use it, but the others were smart enough to save the Save for later. I hope M.K. can finally turn it around and find that magic she had in Rush Week.

Next week the Top 11 take on Songs from the Cinema. Woohoo! I'm not very music savvy, but I like movies, so I'll probably know most of them. I just pray no one sings that Aerosmith song from Armageddon.

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