'American Idol' Results: 30 Minutes of Bliss
'American Idol' Results: 30 Minutes of Bliss
Bill King
Bill King
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So another contestant is set to go home on American Idol, but really, who cares? The big story is that the results show is a scant 30 minutes long for the first time since Season 5. Yes, you read that correctly. Thirty minutes. Thirty. Heaven...

It's the perfect amount of time to give a recap, sprinkle in a live performance by Janell Monae, and whittle down the field from nine to eight. With only 22 minutes of actual show time, the filler will be kept at a minimum and our interest at a maximum. They should do it this way every week. I mean, is anyone worried they won't be about to fit everything in? Didn't think so.


I think there's a pretty solid consensus that Jena Irena and Caleb Johnson won the night, both rocking out with the band. After that, I think Malaya Watson, Sam Woolf and Jessica Meuse were solid but unspectacular, with Alex Preston (because he was first) and Majesty Rose (because she hasn't progressed like we'd like) competing for the safe spot in the bottom three. 

I think they'll both end up safe, though, because they sang well-known songs and are unique enough to maintain a fan base. The other two I think are destined for the bottom three, however, are very similar AND less than impressive thus far.

It's either C.J. Harris or Dexter Roberts on the way out, after fairly weak performances and a hopeful split of the country vote. Regular recapper John Kubicek ranked C.J. Alex and Dexter as the worst of the night, while prognosticator Jeff Dodge anticipates a bottom three of Majesty, Dexter and Sam, with C.J. and Dexter interchangeable. But who does he predict is going home?

It seems like the three of us all agree that Dexter and C.J. have yet to show they have the mettle to win this thing, and I think one of them, either one, is headed home. Who is your bottom three? And who should be eliminated next? 

Let's get to the results. An don't forget, the blog is live, so keep the comments coming. THIS ... is American Idol!

The After-Show After Show

CJ and Alex are worried, Sam and his awful shirt admit they were singing about a girl back home (grandma?) and Alex stole Ryan Seacrest's shoe. But Ryan got it back, then he drops it to show that the shoe will drop for one of the contestants tonight. Thanks for a visual to go along with that thought, Seacrest. Now stick to the script.

The judges walk out, looking dapper as usual. Keith has spruced up his T-shirt with a leather jacket, and J-Lo is sporting a sexy red dress. Harry looks like he has to go to a wedding after the show. Sam appears to be wearing faded tie-dye.

What Did the Dawg Think?

Randy Jackson loved Caleb, Malaya and Jena, who he refers to as the cream rising to the top. The other six have to catch up if they want to have a shot. That was short. 

We're doing the results a little differently this week, revealing who is safe on the big screen. 

Jena Irene is safe
Malaya Watson is safe

No surprises there. The results will continue after Janelle Monae, and we're already a third of the way through this thing. Thirty minute results shows rock out with the band!

Love is Janelle Monae 

Her new song, "What is Love?" is off the Rio 2 soundtrack, and Janelle's got six Grammys nominations and she's not even 30 yet. I have zero and I also did it by the time I was 30. She's singing and dancing around with a stage full of cruise ship performers, and it's a fun little tune in the same vein as Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

It's high energy for sure, but it's obviously from a children's movie. Everyone in the audience gets tiny Brazilian flags to wave, and green and yellow confetti falls from the sky. I'm ready for the World Cup now. 

Can you believe we're halfway done already?

Back to the Results

The stars of Surviving Jack, Christopher Meloni and Rachael Harris, sit in the audience to promote the show, which premieres next, and no one is happier than them that this is only a half hour. I wish I could pull off a fedora like Meloni.

Alex Preston is safe
Jessica Meuse is safe
Caleb Johnson is safe
Dexter Roberts is safe

That means the bottom three are C.J. Harris, Majesty Rose and Sam Woolf, and props to Jeff for pretty much nailing it. Ryan asks Jen if the results seem right, and Harry takes this one and says America is really smart. He must not watch those late night talk show "people on the street" segments.

Who is Singing for the Save?

It's crunch time, and Majesty is probably the only one the judges would consider using the save on. I think it has to be C.J. More results following a sound glitch that returns us from commercial break in silence. J-Lo says one of the contestants seemed much better watching the show as opposed to live, but she won't tell us which one because that might somehow affect nothing.

Majesty Rose is singing for the save

C.J. Harris is safe
Dexter Roberts is safe

Props again to Jeff. Majesty jumps right into the above-mentioned "Happy," and Jennifer Lopez looks forlorn as the judges chat. Majesty is not changing anyone's minds with this performance, as it's pretty much all over the place. Still, I don't think it makes a difference one way or the other. The decision was already made, and being in the bottom three for the third straight week doesn't help her cause.

The judges will NOT save Majesty Rose

So nine becomes eight, and somehow C.J. and Dexter are still around. Eventually there won't be any girls left to eliminate and another guy will have to go. Fingers crossed for next week. Due to time constraints, there's no out-the-door tribute, so that's that and we're all wrapped up.

Were you surprised by the results? Did Majesty deserve to go? And who is next? Ryan says nothing about the theme next week, but the top eight will be continuing their quest to be the next American Idol. We'll see you then, when Caleb screams, Dexter karaokes and Sam wears a questionable shirt. 

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