'American Idol' Poll: Who Should Be the 13th Guy?
'American Idol' Poll: Who Should Be the 13th Guy?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After 13 episodes of auditions, Hollywood Week and Vegas performances (more than any other season), American Idol has decided the Top 24 singers who will compete for America's votes. But that's not the end of the story.

In a twist lifted directly from Simon Cowell on The X Factor, the judges have decided to bring back a contestant they eliminated to make a Top 13 for the guys. If you didn't watch The X Factor, Cowell eliminated Melanie Amaro, but the uproar was so great that he changed his mind, brought her back and she ended up winning the whole thing.

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Idol will reveal the 13th guy on Tuesday night's show, where he will perform with the rest of the group. But FOX did give us four possibilities, so let's look at each one.

Jermaine Jones

The "gentle giant," as Ryan Seacrest called him, Jones is a massive mama's boy with one of the deepest voices in the history of the show. If you want to hear "Old Man River" the way it's supposed to sound, this is your guy, but I'm not sure his voice is mainstream enough to win.

David Leathers

"Mr. Steal Your Girl" is the super annoying 17-year-old self-proclaimed ladies' man who was the very first audition and who beat Scotty McCreery in a competition. He has the young Michael Jackson thing, but I suspect that, if he were on the show for a long time, America would grow tired of his constantly mugging for the camera.

Johnny Keyser

The only reason I can think of to bring back this guy is that J. Lo is hoping to make him her next rebound guy. He would certainly fill the slot of generic, sort of hot guy (see Chris Richardson).

Richie Law

The only thing I really remember about this guy is that he's the "freaking cowboy," Heejun Han's mortal enemy. For the sake of drama, it would be interesting to see Heejun and Richie continue their odd feud, but since Scotty won last year and they already have Chase Likens, a second country guy isn't necessary.

So who will be the 13th guy? My guess is Jermaine or David, primarily because this season there is a surprising lack of African-Americans in the Top 24. I know Idol has been accused of racism in the past, and I've always found it silly, but this year there are NO African-American women and only three of the guys so far are black (Aaron, Joshua and DeAndre). That makes for the least diverse American Idol cast ever, so perhaps adding Jermaine or David back in will be an attempt to rectify that problem.

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