'American Idol' Oklahoma City Auditions: The One Singer to Watch
'American Idol' Oklahoma City Auditions: The One Singer to Watch
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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American Idol saved the best for last with the auditions of season 12. And by best, I mean most entertaining. The quirky oddballs and unique stories also turned out to be some decent singers, which is always a pleasant surprise.

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Perhaps my favorite personal story of the season wasn't the sweet kid with cystic fibrosis (who, to be completely honest,, wasn't THAT great of a singer), but was actually Nate Tao. Both of his parents are deaf making this a sort of reverse Mr. Holland's Opus situation. The fact that his talent can't be truly appreciated by his parents is an ironic tragedy worthy of O' Henry.

Then there was Halie Hilburn and her puppet Oscar. As soon as you see a ventriloquist, you assume it's a joke, but she was actually a good singer. And unlike the judges, I loved Oscar and would've given him a ticket to Hollywood too. Still, the sad final segment was genuinely hilarious.

And we had the best bad audition, the crazy lady who God spoke to, complete with a great awful reenactment that took digs at The Voice and The X Factor.

We also saw Steven Tyler in drag, but the less said about that, the better. Watch at your own risk, because you will have nightmares.

The One to Watch: Zoanette Johnson

Perhaps the single most perplexing audition came from this wild giant. Zoanette looks like an Amazon Warrior with a badonkadonk that would rival Nicki Minaj, then she sang the National Anthem with a ton of annoying runs and she even forgot the lyrics. Yet she still won over the judges. If THAT performance gets her to Hollywood, just imagine if she remembers all the words. Plus, I have a hunch she's going to become Nicki's personal hero, and having a judge obsessed with you is always helpful.

Are you glad the American Idol auditions are over? Did Oscar win you over? Is seeing Steven Tyler dressed like a lady scarier than an entire season of American Horror Story?

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