American Idol News Round-Up: Still Number One, Ellen vs. Simon & More
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
We're just one hour away from Hollywood week, when hopefully we'll have a lot more news about the season 9 contestants who can actually sing. Until then, there is still plenty of American Idol related news to report. Today we have a sneak peak of a new David Cook track from high above Time Square, the first official un-photoshopped photo of the judges, and more on Simon and Ellen's brewing feud, if there's a feud at all.

We're Number One! We're Number One!

Despite a formidable challenger in the lead-up to the season premiere of Lost, American Idol still dominated the TV ratings game last night. 24.44 million people tuned in to watch the Mile High City audition last night, which is up from last week's 24.2 million viewers. The big question is, can Idol top Lost when it's not a clip show?

David Cook Debuts New Song

David Cook took time out of mixing demos with Gregg Wattenberg high above Time Square to record a vlog for his fans. While it's shakier than a camera in Cloverfield, the most important thing is the rocking sneak peak we get of a brand new Cook tune. What do you think of the new Cook clip?

John Legend in the Studio with Jennifer Hudson

According to Monsters and Critics, Idol's only Oscar winner will be working with John Legend soon. John and Jennifer have been in the studio collaborating on a song John wrote specifically for Jennifer's Oscar winning pipes.

First Not Horribly 'Shopped Photo of the Judges Emerges

Finally after that botched photo shop job from hell, a real photo of the season 9 judges standing in what appears to be the same room.

And Simon and Ellen look somewhat chummy with their arms slung around each other, so what about that feud?

Ellen Says Simon Is Meaner Than Expected

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight Ellen said that Simon actually exceeds his nasty reputation. "I had one idea of Simon when I came in, and it's changed. He's actually meaner than I thought. ... It's hard to listen to him tell people things and me not to go, 'You poor thing!'"

Randy Says Feud, What Feud?

Meanwhile, Idol's top Dawg Randy Jackson says that rumors of an Ellen Simon feud is rubbish. He chatted with the LA Times yesterday and said,"They're actually really getting along. They've known each other for a really long time. Don't believe everything you hear or read." Of course, Randy gave us the same "don't believe everything you read" about Simon leaving Idol the day before the news went public.

What do you think about the rumored rift between Simon and Ellen?