'American Idol' News Round-Up: California Dreamin' Theme, Scotty McCreery Tour, Kris Allen Music
'American Idol' News Round-Up: California Dreamin' Theme, Scotty McCreery Tour, Kris Allen Music
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Even though I wasn't surprised she ended up in the Bottom 2 last night, it was disappointing to see this year's country darling Skylar Laine become the next eliminated contestant on American Idol season 11. But as she sang last week during Queen Week, the show must go on...

California Dream' and David Cook Returns

And go on it will, as next week's theme has been announced, and it is ... California Dreamin'. Umm ... what does that even mean? Songs about California, songs by singers from California, songs that you could perform on the sunny California beaches? I have no clue. Maybe we'll find out more in the next several days (maybe Nigel Lythgoe can clarify it on Twitter). But what do you bet one of the songs performed (whether individual or as part of a group number) is the song with that exact title, "California Dreamin'"?

After the Top 4 perform their California Dreamin' themed songs, season 7 winner David Cook will be the latest alum to return to the Idol stage and will perform "The Last Song I'll Write for You." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cook wrote this song sometime in the past several months. So since it sounds like this song wasn't on his most recent album, it'll be released on iTunes on the day he will appear on Idol.

Preview New Music by Kris Allen and Leah LaBelle

Does anyone remember Kris Allen? You know, that person who was overshadowed by the true winner of season 8, Adam Lambert? Yeah, him. He's got some new music coming out. His sophomore album, Thank You Camellia, will be available to buy in stores and download on May 22. If you want to preview the album to get a sense of what it sounds like and to see if you might want to buy it, iTunes has 90 second previews of each song available to listen to.

But before the album release, Allen will be releasing on his website The Vision of Love Remix EP, a collection of six remixes of his single, "The Vision of Love." Below you can listen to one of the tracks, the Michael Woods Radio Edit:

Speaking of former contestants you don't remember: Leah LaBelle, who finished in last place from the season 3 Top 12, has released a five track sampler of her upcoming album. The songs are "So Hot," "Sexify" (her new single), "Make Me Get Up," "What Do We Got To Lose" and "Mr. Scissors."

Coming to a Fair Near You ... Scotty McCreery!

Two months ago, Brad Paisley announced that last year's winner, Scotty McCreery, would be joining him on some of his tour dates as one of the opening acts. But in between those arena stops, McCreery will be doing some shows on his own, mostly at state fairs. The tour begins May 26 in Georgia and ends October 16 in North Carolina. So between the Brad Paisley tour and his smaller solo one, you'll have plenty of opportunities to see your favorite new country singer in a town near you.

The Top Idol Downloads

Coming on the heels of the latest album sales numbers in our last Round-Up is the sales numbers for individual tracks or singles, courtesy of USA Today. And within the Idol family, we've got some winners at the top of the pack, as well as Stefano's very first single:

Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" -- 80,000 downloads (Total Downloads: 2.975 million)

Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" -- 50,000 downloads (Total: 738,000)

Stefano Langone's "I'm On a Roll" -- 20,000 downloads

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