'American Idol' Judge Search Continues: Isaak, Connick, Trump?
Auditions for the 10th season of American Idol are underway, but the singing competition seems to be taking a backseat to the competition to fill the empty seat at the judges' table that Simon Cowell vacated at the end of last season.

I was rooting for Poison front man and general death-defier Bret Michaels, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, Michaels is definitely out of the running, and singer Chris Isaak is a current contender. While the "Wicked Game" crooner is super-talented and easy on the eyes, I just don't feel like he could bring the necessary acerbic critique the show calls for--we can't just have a table full of good cops (or Paula Abduls, as I like to call them).

Another singer in the rumored running is Harry Connick Jr., who actually strikes more of a chord with me than Isaak. Again, incredibly talented, incredibly attractive (it's TV--unfortunately, hotness counts much of the time), and his mentoring stint during Sinatra week last season really resonated with me--perhaps it was the going above and beyond the typical Idol mentor roll by handling the contestants' arrangements as well. And while he may not have an acid tongue like Cowell, I think he would bring legitimate music industry critique to the table beyond the typical "pitchy, dawg," "love your outfit," "felt a little off tonight" comments.

One of my least favorite candidates (if you can call him that) who's lobbying quietly for the job (like at his house by himself?): Donald Trump. No word on if the show is even remotely considering him for the gig. But let's hope hearing, "You're hired," from the Idol producers is definitely not in Trump's future.

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Who do you think would make the best judge: Chris Isaak, Harry Connick Jr. or (heaven forbid) Donald Trump? Or someone else? Or no one else? Should Idol just leave Simon Cowell's chair empty? Sound off in the comments below!

(Image courtesy of WENN)