'American Idol' Finale: Phillip and Jessica After The Results!
'American Idol' Finale: Phillip and Jessica After The Results!
It's official: Phillip Phillips is your next American Idol. Here's what he, runner-up Jessica Sanchez, and music producer Jimmy Iovine had to say after the results were announced...

Asked for his take on the results, Iovine said, "They both did two very different things. They appeal to two different audiences. I think they're both equally gifted. [In] the audience of American Idol, there were more of [Phillip fans] than Jessica fans."

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He also had something to say about Jessica's original song, "Change Nothing," which did was not well received after her performance last night. "It did bomb," he admitted. "there were a bunch of songs to choose from. This song had the melody [and] we sort of didn't have enough time to tweak it to where we wanted to get it. She liked the song; I guess it didn't work."

But, he cautioned, "I don't think it came down to that one song. Phillip had that country base, that young girl thing going on."

That 'young girl thing' raised what's been a common criticism of Idol in recent years. Point-blank asked if "anyone other than a white male guitarist can win this show," Iovine quipped, "Not this year. I don't know. I don't know how it really happens."

"This is a crazy thing," he said. "The hard part right now is leaving this behind you, and now go make your first album. I have great hopes for both of them."

If she was at all let down by losing, Jessica didn't show it. "I have no regrets. I made the top two," she said, adding that "I'm kind of relieved that this whole thing is over, but I'm going to miss everyone here," echoing comments that she made Tuesday night following the final performance show.

"He deserved it," she said of Phillip's victory. "He has worked harder than all of us. He's been having to keep up with his health issues, and I think he's been through a lot more than us, mentally and physically."

She added that she "knew it already. I thought it was going to be him and Joshua, and I thought Phillip was going to win the whole thing."

As for her, "I don't know what's going to be thrown at me, but I'm excited to find out. I want to be more like a Rihanna kind of thing, but I want to be somebody new too." Asked if she got to speak to the pop star (who performed during the finale), she said with a laugh, "I didn't but I wanted to!"

Jessica might have pegged Phillip as the winner, but he certainly didn't think he would be the last man standing. "I have no idea why this happened," he said. "I didn't think I would even make it to see the judges."

Even before the victory, the finale was a huge evening for him. "I just started thinking about the whole journey, and how far all of us have come, and it was overwhelming," he admitted, adding that he loved being able to perform with John Fogerty. "To get up on that stage with him [was] just crazy."

With the show over, his attention is also turning to the health issues he's tried to manage during the run of the show. "I'm going to get some surgery done, so I'm going to get all better for the tour," he assured us. "It was very tough but I had great doctors and great people surrounding me. It's just a blessing to be here now."

How does being the reigning American Idol feel? "It's so unreal," he explained. "It's just such a blessing to have."

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