'American Idol' By the Numbers: How Were the Top 40 Featured in the Auditions?
'American Idol' By the Numbers: How Were the Top 40 Featured in the Auditions?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's always fun for American Idol fans to look back at how the finalists were portrayed during the auditions. Sometimes the ultimate winner gave a memorable, standout audition (Phillip Phillips and Scotty McCreery come to mind) while other times the winner came out of nowhere and was barely seen at all (Kris Allen).

For American Idol season 12, I looked back at the Top 40 to see which cities gave us the most finalists and whether the guys or girls got more screen time.

In terms of screentime, there are three potential categories. Some singers get full audition packages with pre-taped segments, a full song and judge critique. Others just get a partial audition where a few seconds of singing are shown as part of a montage of good singers. And other finalists don't get featured at all, except possibly running out of the room during the final montage.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to note is that nearly half of the Top 40 (18 singers) weren't shown at all during the 10 hours of auditions. Also, despite claims by the judges that a girl will win this year, male finalists actually got more screentime as 10 of them got full audition segments compared to only eight of the women.

Also worth noting is that American Idol tried something different by splitting up the guys and girls during Hollywood Week. However, about one million MORE viewers watched the guys than the girls. Maybe in order to offset this imbalance, the girls will perform Wednesday in Las Vegas for the semifinals while the guys will perform Thursday, which matters because the ratings for Wednesday episodes are, on average, one million viewers higher than Idol's Thursday ratings.


Most Finalists: New York, Baton Rouge and Long Beach (7 each)

Most Male Finalists:
Chicago (6: Curtis Finch, Jr., Johnny Keyser, Joshua Holiday, Lazaro Arbos, Devin Velez and JDA)

Most Female Finalists:
Long Beach (5: Shubha Vedula, Rachel Hale, Aubrey Cleland, Juliana Chahayed and Kamaria Ousley)

Fewest Finalists:
Charlotte and San Antonio (4 each)

Fewest Male Finalists:
Charlotte, San Antonio, Long Beach and Oklahoma City (2 each)

Fewest Female Finalists:
Chicago (0)


Finalists with Full Auditions: 18

Male Finalists with Full Auditions:
10 (Gurpreet Singh Sarin, Curtis Finch, Jr., Johnny Keyser, Joshua Holiday, Lazaro Arbos, Jimmy Smith, Charlie Askew, Paul Jolley, Burnell Taylor and Vincent Powell)

Female Finalists with Full Auditions:
8 (Angela Miller, Isabelle, Tenna Torres, Janelle Arthur, Candice Glover, Cristabel Clack, Shubha Vedula and Zoanette Johnson)

Finalists with Partial Auditions:

Male Finalists with
Partial Auditions: 1 (Chris Watson)

Female Finalists with Partial Auditions:
3 (Brandy Hotard, Breanna Steer and Rachel Hale)

Finalists with No Auditions:

Male Finalists with No Auditions:

Female Finalists with No Auditions:

What do you think of the Top 40? Is it odd that American Idol couldn't make time for any of the auditions from 18 of the best singers? Do guys have the advantage thanks to more screentime and higher ratings during Hollywood Week?

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