American Idol: "Best of the Rest" Auditions Quick Thoughts
Here's what tonight's episode of American Idol was, if you were unclear:  we've got all the best unseen footage from all the audition cities, which is a nice way for FOX to wrap up this portion of the season.  It allows their editors to cut out auditions during each episode, knowing that they can put it back in the "best of the rest" episode.  Anyway, these are my quick, off-the-cuff thoughts from tonight's "best of the rest" episodes.

  • The worst dressed girl in the history of mankind comes in and sings a ridiculous version of some unknown song.    Then she cries on her way out. 
  • Tami from Memphis came in, looking normal (except for the lip ring and the fact that she works as a petty cab driver).  And, wow, she has a surprisingly great voice.  Kind of a Janis Joplin-lite, with a bluesy twang.  She goes through to Hollywood.

  • Paul Kim, who wants to represent the Asian community well after what William Hung did, comes in and sings great, with a smoky, powerful voice. 
  • Jack sings the a capella song that Bo Bice sang during his season and butchers it unmercifully.  Jack also has bad teeth, bad facial hair, and enormous ears.   He says he'll never give up, but he should.
  • Gina, who auditioned in season 5, tells Simon that she's still in love with him.  She sings "Black Velvet" with a different, sort of soulful voice.   She gives Simon a big hug.
  • Edward Sanchez loves Paula Abdul.  Paula gives Edward a hug.  The question of the moment: How sober is Paula?  Anyway, Edward is tone-deaf.
  • Three Roller-Girls come in and Simon is not happy about the gimmicky nature of their auditions.  You see, they're all wearing identical outfits.  Weird thing is, all three of them are pretty good, especially the last girl, Ebony, who is damn good.  Simon loves her and she's though to Hollywood. 
  • Wes, the singing/songwriting weirdo in a shiny mango shirt.  Seriously, mango.  I can't think of a better color to describe it.  He sings his own song.  It's a bad song and, unfortunately, he's an even worse singer.
  • Alex, a really flexible, flamboyant dude with a terrible voice incurs the sympathy of Paula because, I guess, he's unstable and about to cry.
  • Lakisha comes in and sings "Think" by Aretha and kind of knocks it out of the park.  I cannot fathom why they didn't show her in the New York episode.  She's on to Hollywood.
  • I'll be back tomorrow morning with a full recap of the episode.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer