'American Idol' Baton Rouge Auditions: The One Singer to Watch
'American Idol' Baton Rouge Auditions: The One Singer to Watch
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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It's amazing what a difference an hour makes. The first hour-long episode of American Idol season 12 proved that without the filler of judges' squabbles, the show can breeze by with a nice assortment of talented singers and a few bad ones.

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Baton Rouge also continued the on-going domination of the men this season. The judges think a woman will win, but it seems like we're seeing one talented guy after another get featured.

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It was also an episode that more closely resembled a Halloween party thanks to a doctor and a fireman, both of whom proved to be quite talented.

Then there was one of my favorites, Charlie Askew. I love it when someone's name describes them, and that's the case with this kid. Something is a little askew. He's a bit weird. But that's what makes it work. I didn't think his voice was outstanding and he clearly needs a little work on the technical side, but there's something different about him. In a sea of the same type of strong singers, either with big gospel voices or solid country stars, he was just odd.

The One to Watch:  Paul Jolley

Paul has what it takes to possibly go very far. He has the wholesome, non-threatening look of a Kris Allen, but combined with a big, booming voice. I also like that he's a real utility singer. He could do a Joshua Ledet-sized gospel song or add more of his country twang for a Scotty McCreery vibe. The ability to cross genres and sing different styles is the best tool for an Idol hopeful to have, and Paul has it.

Do you prefer the hour-long episodes of American Idol auditions? Are you an early member of the Askew-niverse (which is what I hope his fandom is called)? And do you agree that the guys are dominating these audition episodes while the gals are being left in the dust?

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