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Who will it be tonight, friends?  American Idol is down to eleven contestants, and after tonight we will almost certainly be down to ten (the judges could conceivably use their Save tonight, but we all know that's highly unlikely).  The Grand Ole Opry theme wasn't as disastrous as it could have been, considering American Idol's past dalliances in the country genre.  A few singers were surprisingly great (Anoop Desai, Kris Allen), others disappointing (Lil Rounds, Alexis Grace), and Adam Lambert gave one of the most bizarre performances the Idol stage has ever seen. So, all in all, a good two hours of TV.  Tonight, Carrie Underwood will perform, along with some other country singers I don't really care about (sharpen those knives, country fans).  My prediction for elimination is Michael Sarver, but that is mostly based on my befuddlement at his inclusion in the Top 13 in the first place.  America is seeing something I'm not, apparently.  So, strap in as I expel live brain droppings onto the interwebs.  Hang out, read along, let us know your predictions.  It will be a grand ol' time.

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My colleague John Kubicek (or "Kubles") is predicting Alexis Grace to go home.  I think he's wrong.  If he's right, he'll take the lead in our fantasy league. 

And we're off.  Why do they make the singers always look so sad and intense during Ryan's opening speech?  They look like they're all about to be executed.  Ryan says that tonight's results may shock you.  I suspect they won't, unless somehow Allison Iraheta gets the boot.  31 million votes last night.  Big number.  The Top 11 have taken their stool seats.  No group song tonight?

Paula Abdul is rocking the straight hair tonight with no cleavage.  Simon going with the white v-neck t-shirt.  Classy.  Ryan introduces the montage of last night's performances.  I've watched Adam Lambert's performance twice more today, and it still baffles me.  Kris Allen was great, as was Anoop.  I also still think Megan Corkrey gets too much crap from the general public, but maybe I'm an idiot.  Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace were just bad.  Lil's song choice was horrid. 

Nope - here's the Group Song.  They are singing "T-R-O-U-B-L-E."  Scott plays the piano - nice.  The dudes hang out by the piano and the girls shimmy in front of the judges and it's a little awkward.  Simon tries to make eye contact with either Lil or Megan - they both ignore him.  As far as group songs go, this one is pretty good.  The Top 11 actually look like they're having fun.  I think it's because they sang something old school as opposed to, say, Katy Perry.

Let's watch the Ford music video.  Premise of the video - basically, the Top 11 throw water balloons at each other while singing "Here it Goes Again."  OMG - so much fun!  Ryan tried to hit Simon with a water balloon, but hit a poor girl behind Simon.  Seacrest - what a jerk.

Next, we see a video of what happens behind-the-scenes after a results show.  A lot of the contestants cried.  Jasmine was in good spirits.  After the show, there's a celebratory farewell with the contestants, their families and friends at a restaurant.  It's kind of adorable, actually. 

Ryan asks Alexis if she thought this would be emotional.  Do any of these people think it's not going to be emotional?  Michael Sarver relays a story about his kid – he tears up as he explains that his daughter asked him “Why don't you want to be with me anymore?”  Nice guy – OK singer.  We see video from rehearsal of people trying to not get sick from Megan.  She's better now, or so she says. 

Time for results - looks like we'll get our Bottom 3 right away.  People who make it through tonight will be on the tour.

Danny Gokey is safe. 

Lil Rounds is safe.

Anoop Desai is safe.  Noop Dog!

Allison and Michael stand up.  One of them is certainly in the bottom three.  Paula asks which of the two will be in the bottom three.  Paula can't answer the question.  She babbles.  A lot.  It's awful.  I can't stand her.  She makes my brain hurt. 

Allison Iraheta is in the Bottom 3.

Michael Sarver is in the Bottom 3.

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