American Idol 8: Kansas City Auditions Wrap-Up
American Idol's trip to Kansas City was a tepid affair.  Not as many crazy people as Arizona.  Not as many talented people either.  Just sort of in the middle, like the city itself.  My colleague John Kubicek seems to be convinced that a vast majority of the “bad” auditions are clearly staged by attention whores.  I agree that some are definitely staged (the crying rocker in Phoenix, for example), but I have enough faith in mankind to believe that most aren't.  However, just by the mere law of averages, it would stand to reason that as the seasons go by, less people would be willing to audition on American Idol unless they were extremely confident in their ability to sing.  Just two episodes into the season, there do seem to be considerably less delusional people. 

Of course, there will always be terrible singers who audition for American Idol.  Something happens to these poor saps, who have the ability to hear their own terrible voice and somehow filter it through their brain in a way that makes them think “Wow, I am awesome at singing.  I could probably be a pop star.”  You can't help but feel bad for these kids who legitimately believe they have tons of potential.  They may be idiots, but being an idiot doesn't make you a bad person.  As the seasons have passed, I have enjoyed the abjectly awful auditions less and less.  The ones I enjoy most?  The really bizarre auditions.  The kids with the insane voices, or the ones with crazy dance routines and original songs (X-Ray from Phoenix cracked me up).  These people are, at least somewhat, in on the joke, which doesn't allow viewer guilt to come into the equation.  It's fun for the whole family.

Anyway, let's get to Kansas City. 

Best of the Best

Anoop Desai

Besides Simon Cowell's semi-racist comments, this was one of my favorites of the night.  Unexpectedly great voice from a cool guy. 

Danny Gokey

The death of his wife is clearly a sad story, but one that should provide ample motivation for Danny once in Hollywood.  Dude has a great voice and great sense of confidence about him.  I have a feeling he might lean to the side of being corny if he makes the semis, but that's already jumping the gun.

Lil Rounds

I wasn't nearly as impressed with Lil as the judges, who praised her endlessly (I assume the judges were loopy after a long two days of auditions), but she's got some chops. 

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Worst of the Worst

Chelsea Marquardt

I love this.  The attractive girl who just plain sucks.  She's clearly gotten by on her look for her entire life.  Nothing like Simon taking someone like this down a few pegs.

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Andrew Lange

He wasn't an awful singer, but he sure was annoying.  Overly theatrical, his cheerleading intro didn't help.  It was just plain horrid. 

Michael Nicewonder

Poor kid.  A nerd of nerds, Michael was the most delusional and helpless contestant all night.  You can't help but feel sorry for the guy.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)