American Idol 7: Top 6 Live Results
American Idol will say goodbye to a quality singer tonight.  This final 6 is a talented group, and there are going to be a lot of upset American Idol viewers at the end of the night - the Top 6 have very distinct and rabid fan bases.  The front-runners for elimination have to be Brooke White and Jason Castro, both of whom turned in mediocre performances of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs last night.  Lord Webber is supposedly involved in tonight's show again in some way, but I'm not sure in what capacity (I'm hoping he does magic or juggles).  My prediction is that Brooke White will go home.  For the record, if this occurs, I will not be happy about it - I'm a Brooke fan.  But, it's not like she wouldn't deserve it. I'll be around for the entire episode, giving updates as the results come in.  Don't forget to hit the ol' refresh button. 

Hey, I got to catch the very end of a very special episode of Back to You.  Hooray!

And we're off.  38 million votes were tallied last night. Paula Abdul in da house, yall.  Simon wears a plain black T.

Lord Webbie plays piano as the Top 6 sing "All I Ask of You."  I'm pretty surprised that Andrew Lloyd Webber is presiding over one of these cringe-inducing group songs.  Maybe Rupert Murdoch has pictures of Webbie performing lewd acts while dressed in a cat costume.  Just something to think about.  He's also wearing a teal blue shirt, looking like he just cam from a Jimmy Buffett concert.  Good times.

Anybody else find it weird that Judy Greer is in these new Mac commercials?

First mention of the American Idol tour - 49 cities.  Good god, that's a lot.

We get the recap of last night's show.  I don't want to watch.  I shouldn't watch - that's how bad it was, aside from Syesha, Cook and Carly.  Syesha could have a good acting career, I feel like.

More Lloyd Webber.  He and Ryan sit down in the middle of the stage, Inside the Actors' Studio-style.  Ryan rehashes the Brooke incident.  Webber says that it happens to the best of performers, and that she was flawless in dress rehearsal.  He candidly says that Jason wouldn't have listened to him no matter what, and that it was the most curious song choice he's ever seen.  Webber, classy dude.  Results after the break.

Must. Resist. Making. Fun. Of. This. Week's. Ford. Commercial.  Soooo.  Hard. 

President George W. Bush and his wife Laura address the viewers while sitting on a piece of my grandmother's furniture.  They are pledging 65 million dollars (I think) to the Idol Gives Back cause. Not personally, you know, but out of our country's war chest. 

The Davids are brought out for our first round of results.  Hmm, I wonder how this will go?

David Cook is safe.

David Archuleta is safe.

Leona Lewis will perform when we come back.  Neil Diamond is the mentor next week.  I wish it were Will Ferrell's Neil Diamond instead of the real one. 

Since it's musical week, we check in on the Idol alumni who are currently on Broadway.  Tamyra Gray is currently in Rent.  Clay Aiken is currently in Spamalot.  Good for him. 

Now, it's Leona Lewis time.  Apparently, Simon found Leona.  She's singing "Bleeding Love."  Because I don't listen to the radio, I've never heard this song before.  Either she's really good live, or she's lip-syncing.  I'm not sure - my picture quality isn't very good.  Paula is standing up and dancing like my mom after a few glasses of wine.  Not a bad pop song, but it's not going to make me downlo....I mean, buy the album.

Whoa, Idol pyrotechnics.  Leona has a heck of a voice.

Syesha Mercado and Brooke White are brought on stage for results. 

Brooke is safe.  Holy crap!

Syesha is in the bottom two.  I guess the sympathy votes came through for Brooke.

Carly Smithson and Jason Castro come out for some more results. 

Jason is safe.

Carly is in the bottom two.  What the hell is going on?  This is plain absurd.

Both Carly and Syesha sing their Lloyd Webber songs again before the final results.  Syesha doesn't deserve to go home.  I'm really rooting for Carly to go home, though she doesn't deserve it either.  If Syesha is eliminated, that might be the best goodbye performance ever on Idol.

It's go time.  Final results.


Wow.  That is all.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)