American Idol 7: Top 10 Girls Power Rankings
Ranking the men of American Idol 7 was pretty easy.  There are a couple of obvious front-runners, a few challengers, and some obvious weak links.  The women are something entirely different.  By my count, there were only three poor performances from the ladies in the Top 24 performances, and two of those singers are no longer with us.  Just looking at everyone not named Kristy Lee Cook on this list, I can see a scenario in which each of them could advance to the top 3.  Really, that's how wide open it is for the ladies on American Idol right now. 

#10 - Kristy Lee Cook

Sorry, Kristy.  This is a tough competition this year and you just don't have the charisma or the vocal ability to compete with these other nine ladies.  Unless Idol has an “Amazing Grace” night. 

#9 - Brooke White

I think I was in the minority last week – I kind of enjoyed Brooke's rendition of “Happy Together.”  Her overwhelming innocence can get irritating at times, but if you just realize that Brooke's songs are always going to be a little bit corny, then you'll be fine.  She has a very good, distinctive voice and, if Idol lets her play piano again, she's capable of some great performances.

#8 - Amanda Overmyer

The jury is still out.  We have no idea if Amanda can pull the reins back and just sing a song without turning into Janis Joplin.  I'd like to believe that Amanda has it in her, but I'm skeptical.  If she can somehow harness her insane voice, then she'll rocket up these rankings in no time.  I'm rooting for her. 

#7 - A'siah Epperson

I didn't think she was very good last week.  Apparently, everyone else disagrees with me.  I thought she was out of tune and not powerful enough to compete with some of the better singers in this competition.  A'siah's problem will be this – she's similar to Syesha and Alexandrea, only worse. 

#6 - Kady Malloy

I was pretty miffed at the judges for giving Kady a hard time last week after what was actually a subtle and solid performance.  It wasn't earth-shattering, but it was expertly executed.  This week, Kady will surely break out of her shell and sing something with more personality as a result of the judges' comments.  Whether she succeeds will say a lot about her chances going forward. 

#5 - Alaina Whitaker

How many teenagers do we have room for in the Top 12?  I'd say that David Archuleta and Alexandrea are locks – can Alaina join them.  Her song in the Top 24 was very good.  Alaina was natural and showed off a nice pop-country voice.  Younger singers can be inconsistent, so I'm interested to see how well she does on Wednesday. 

#4 - Carly Smithson

I don't get it.  I find nothing alluring about Carly or her singing.  Sure, she has a big voice, but it lacks personality.  Every time I've heard her sing, it has bored me.  Yet, the judges have been pimping her at every chance they've gotten.  She has ties to the Idol brass, so claims of favoritism are not unfounded.  I hope she gives an unforgivably poor performance soon and America has no choice but to vote her off.  But, until then, the judges' praise will keep her in the competition.

#3 - Ramiele Malubay

A little woman with a huge voice.  Being adorable and talented can get you a long ways. Until I see reason to believe otherwise,  I'm going to pencil in Ramiele for a spot in the Top 8.

#2 - Alexandrea Lushington

This teenager gave my favorite female performance of the Top 24.  It was sassy, electric and fun – something you wouldn't expect from someone so young.  Again, consistency could be an issue, but she's currently my favorite female singer.

#1 - Syesha Mercado

Watching Syesha makes me feel like I'm watching a pro.  She rocked the house in the Top 24 and did it with ease.  She stays here in the top spot until she falters – but I don't see that happening any time soon.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)