'American Idol': The Top 5 Sing the Songs of Frank Sinatra
'American Idol': The Top 5 Sing the Songs of Frank Sinatra
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
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As Frank Sinatra himself might have said, this clam bake is headed for bombsville.

For a show looking for America's next great star, American Idol sure has a funny way of doing it. In a season full of old-fashioned themes, none have been more so than this week's "The Songs of Sinatra." Just consider this, when Sinatra got his start in the music industry in 1935: Franklin D. Roosevelt was President, Babe Ruth played his last game in the Major League and Social Security was created. Because nothing says current and contemporary like FDR and Babe Ruth. (Or Frank Sinatra for that matter ...) I swear to you, if Simon Cowell even thinks about telling the Top 5 they don't sound current, I'm going to go all Office Space style on my TV.

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But all hope is not yet lost. Last season's Top 5 were also tasked with singing a couple of Frank's most famous songs during Rat Pack Week, which was arguably one of the most memorable Idol performance shows of all time. Will season 9 have the same sort of success with Sinatra? Watch along with me and see if "Anything Goes" or if we're all about to witness "Somethin' Stupid."

Alright, guys ... This. Is. American Idol. And clearly American Idol is the biggest Harry Connick Jr. fan EVER. Not only do they let Harry Connick Jr. say Ryan Seacrest's favorite line, this week's guest mentor also wrote arrangements for the Top 5 and will be accompanying them on piano. Has any guest mentor ever gotten so much love from Idol? Not that I blame Idol, Mr. HCJ is quite the looker ...  Sorry, clouded by handsomeness and that Southern accent, but doesn't having Harry Connick Jr. (he's a full name kind of guy) arranging the songs for the contestants take away from the hope the contestants make the songs their own on their own? Does anyone else find this confusing?

First up tonight is "High Schooler Aaron Kelly." My guess is even Aaron's grandparents weren't alive when Frank Sinatra was getting his start and he could struggle with the theme either by boring us to tears with another ballad or not being able to carry of the Sinatra swagger.

Aaron Kelly - "Fly Me to the Moon"

When Harry Met Aaron: He called him Big Mike. "I really like Aaron, he has such a sweet voice."

Oh no. Aaron Kelly looks like a 10 year old who decided dress up like a banker for Halloween. This could be a disaster.

bankerhalloween.jpgCould be? It pretty much IS a disaster. While Aaron didn't go for a ballad (thank goodness) he puts in about as much energy into it as if he did. Aaron completely lacks the swagger and confidence to pull off a jaunty Sinatra song. While his vocals are passable, there's absolutely no attitude to it and much like his outfit, it all felt like a little boy dressing up. We're 10 weeks into the season and Aaron hasn't wowed me once.

Simon Says: 
"I adore Frank, because Frank was the king of cool and if he was a lion, you were a mouse. The vocals towards the end were a bit corny."

Safe, Shaky, Should Be Packing: Shaky

Casey James - "Blue Skies"

When Harry Met Casey: "I could tell by the way Casey sang it, it wasn't about the lyrics as much. Sometimes it's not about the lyrics, it's about the groove."

Casey has taken Dear Abbey's advice and pulled that perm back and sadly, that's about the best part of the entire performance. Casey looks like he is having the time of his life, with an uncontrollable (see: somewhat scary) grin on his face. He moves around the stage a bit, but still manages to look super stiff and there's no guitar to save him.Casey does his best, but when he tries to hit the big notes and hold them it's unpleasantly off and bleaty (like a goat). It's definitely a different side of Casey, I'm just not sure it's one I ever wanted to see. Easily, his worst performance of the season.

Simon Says: "Good news: the band was great. Bad news: you weren't fantastic. I thought you came across a bit embarrassed and awkward."

Safe, Shaky, Should Be Packing: Should be Packing


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