'American Horror Story' Recap: Lips of a Dark Angel
'American Horror Story' Recap: Lips of a Dark Angel
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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I have heard about the lips of an angel, but all it takes are the lips of a dark angel to bring Grace back to life. Viewers are welcomed by a new character in episode seven, who is the focus of "Dark Cousin."

This dark angel who saves Grace may be the focus of this American Horror Story: Asylum episode, but it's Sister Mary Eunice whose character continues to reveal herself. While the dark angel gives the kiss of death to Miles, a tortured patient, she also sees right through Sister Mary Eunice and the dark angel's "Dark Cousin."

Bad Medicine

There is an awful lot of horrible medicine being practiced in Briarcliff. Someone botched Grace's hysterectomy, but it wasn't Dr. Arden.

Despite Dr. Arden being innocent of botching this medical procedure he takes it upon himself to cover it up.

Mother and Son

Zachary Quinto has the difficult task of portraying a character with some serious mental issues. Unlike pretty much every other character in American Horror Story: Asylum, Bloody Face is a guy who seems brilliant while on the verge of insanity.

Lana gets a chance to die, but tells the dark angel "not yet." Lana is the first character since Anne Frank to start kicking some butt. She beats the crap out of Dr. Thredson, whose clumsiness confuses me. How could this guy come off as so calculated, yet so clumsy at the same time? Lana escapes Bloody Face's basement only to get into the car of a man who has his own issues. The driver commits suicide and Lana wakes up to find herself back in Briarcliff. My goodness, Lana is not having a good day. It's almost humorous to think that Lana should probably be relieved that she woke up in Briarcliff. It could have been worse!

The Good Angel

Maybe the most intriguing dynamic of season two of American Horror Story is the line between good and bad with characters like Sister Jude, Kit and now the dark angel. Viewers see a woman dressed in all black and the first thing that comes to mind is evil. However, the dark angel character is portrayed almost as a savior allowing characters such as Miles some peace. Is this dark angel evil or more of a sympathetic character? It's hard not to find the dark angel more sympathetic than Dr. Thredson or Dr. Arden, who have yet to display an ounce of good.

Doctor's Orders

What did Dr. Arden do to Grace that made her better in a matter of days? She went from her death bed to looking almost completely healthy and she didn't turn into one of Dr. Arden's creatures. Could it be there is some good that Dr. Arden is doing from his medical procedures?

Kit comes back to save Grace, only to be met by one of Dr. Arden's creatures. Kit kills the creature, but Grace is killed by the security guard when he tries to shoot Kit. Dr. Arden has some explaining to do when people find the creature dead on the floor.

Good vs. Evil

The line between good and evil continues to be blurred in American Horror Story: Asylum. While most shows have one or maybe two evil characters, season two of American Horror Story is almost nothing but evil characters. As we continue to get deeper into season 2 we are starting to see more sides to these characters. It will be interesting to see which ones prove to be good in the end.

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