'American Horror Story': Is Ivy Part of the Cult?
'American Horror Story': Is Ivy Part of the Cult?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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Rumors are flying that Ivy, Ally's wife, is part of the cult. Fans of American Horror Story couldn't help but spot something suspicious about one of the clowns in the very first episode. A clown is wearing the same blue and white striped shirt that Ivy wears earlier in the episode. We're used to seeing clues for twists, but is this one of them?

Could Ivy be part of the cult? If so, what's her end game in all this?

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American Horror Story Isn't a Stranger to Clues

Throughout the last six years, we've learned one thing from American Horror Story and Ryan Murphy: always be on the lookout for clues. It certainly makes sense that Ivy could be part of the cult when seeing the shirt. Why else would the clown wear the exact same outfit?

If Ivy is a clown, she wouldn't have much time to change between being there for Ally and scaring her. All she'd be able to do is put on a mask. She'd be able to take a guess that Ally would be so scared that she wouldn't register the clothing or that it would be too dark to make anything out. Fans have noticed this element purely because they've been able to stop the video and look carefully at the scenes.

This theory would depend on whether the clowns are actually real or just a figment of Ally's imagination (and part of Oz's night terrors.) Ally's subconscious could have focused on Ivy's shirt and pushed that through as the clothing for one of the clowns. There are still many questions about who these clowns are and whether they're real.

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Ivy Is Never There When the Clowns Are

Conveniently, the only people who have admitted to seeing the clowns are Ally and Oz. Ivy has never been there when the clowns have been. In the restaurant, she was in the kitchen. In the house, she was downstairs. Does this point to the fact that she's actually one of the clowns and in the cult or is it just a way to make the viewers question the legitimacy of the clowns?

Throughout the first two episodes, Ivy has remained remarkably calm when hearing about clowns. She even continually tries to make Ally believe that all these clowns are just part of her psychosis. There is something off about her, especially as she knows her wife had a mental illness before they met. It's almost like Ivy wants Ally to go crazier.

This suggests that she is part of the cult. She wants Ally to alienate herself from everyone, including Oz. This latest episode of American Horror Story saw Oz start to push away from Ally, preferring Ivy to console and protect him instead. As part of the cult, she would want to pull Oz into it to, but needs Ally out of the way to do that.

Do you think Ivy is part of the cult? Is she one of the clowns? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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