'Big Brother 16' Recap: The House Turns on Amber
'Big Brother 16' Recap: The House Turns on Amber
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Amber has gotten a raw deal on Big Brother 16. Caleb is obsessively in love with her and she's not interested at all. Everyone in the house (except Caleb) has known this forever, but everyone keeps telling Caleb that Amber is the crazy one for not loving him.

That storyline comes to a head in this episode as Caleb finally starts to get a hint at the same time that Frankie is plotting to backdoor Amber anyway. Elsewhere, Derrick's grandpa dies, Victoria and Jocasta continue to suck at competitions, Nicole is jealous of Victoria and Christine proves how useful she is to the Detonators (which is not at all).

After the Battle of the Block

Frankie is all about backdooring Amber, but he needs to get Caleb on board. Zach is happy his BFF is in charge, and he wins me over by drinking a beer in the shower. Christine and Nicole are happy that they're safe and Zach is dethroned. However, Zach still loves being a jerk, so he eats in front of Christine and Nicole, who are Have-Nots. They don't find it nearly as funny as he does, and neither do Cody or Frankie.

Frankie tries to avoid being put in the position of being asked to backdoor Zach. He wants Zach to calm down, but he also pushes him to do another big speech at the Veto meeting to try and complete the Team America mission because "America comes first." If you believe him when he says that, you're not watching the live feeds.

Elsewhere, Nicole takes off her Germa-tard in a not-so-sexy striptease for Hayden, but Nicole is also getting jealous of Hayden bonding with Victoria because he asks her to pick him for the PoV. As if the women aren't already in a bad enough position in this game, this fake love triangle isn't going to help.

Derrick's Grandpa

In a tragic and ironic twist, Derrick learns that his grandpa died, just like Frankie learned last week. His reaction is considerably different from Frankie's. He walks out of the diary room, tells everyone in a matter-of-fact way and goes to the Have-Not room to grieve in private. The letter told him to stay in the game. It's sad, but kind of interesting from a sociological perspective to see two completely different ways of dealing with the same news.


There's more filler about Zanke, with Zach rubbing Frankie's back as they sleep in the HoH bed together. Zach continues to insist that he's straight, but Frankie thinks that actions speak louder than words, and all of the rubbing and petting is getting to him. Frankie assures Zach that if he was gay, they'd get married and have the best sex ever.

The Power of Veto Competition

Donny and Christine get picked to play while Victoria chooses Hayden as HG's Choice. Christine hopes to prove to the Detonators that she's not useless and she can win things, vowing to keep the nominations the same so Amber doesn't go home.

The competition has a Western theme, which makes Beastmode Cowboy happy. The HGs must rock back and forth on a horse 60 times to earn 30 seconds of time to stack gold bars. If they don't get back to the horse before time runs out, they're eliminated, but can get back in if they agree to take Slop for a week.

There's a lot of big talk. Victoria claims she's a warrior princess and Jocasta calls for God's help again. Frankie proves himself to be a control freak by desperately wanting all of the power, but the horse makes his butt hurt.

Victoria is a total mess, Donny doesn't seem to care, Frankie's tower falls and Jocasta gets out, but takes Slop for week only to have her tower fall again. Jocasta's sassy diary room sessions are amazing, but they don't match how unbelievably awful she is in competitions.

It really comes down to Christine and Hayden. Christine thinks she wins, but then learns she has a few bars left on the ground. The schadenfreude I feel is delicious as Hayden then hops off his horse and gets the win. Hayden wins the Power of Veto!

Hayden immediately tells Frankie that he's using the PoV to save Victoria and is totally fine with Frankie backdooring Amber. Now it's just a matter of getting Caleb on board.

Caleb Turns on Amber

Caleb thinks his pickle date with Amber went great, but she's now ignoring him and rolling her eyes to the camera every time he mentions her name. He's starting to take a hint and seems angry that she isn't in love with him. Frankie loves it because it will allow him to backdoor her with Caleb's blessing. It sucks for Amber that everyone else has stroked Caleb's ego by saying that Amber is the bad person for not loving him when they've all known all along that Caleb was the crazy one.

After the PoV, Zach asks Amber if she and Caleb "broke up," but she's just upset because they all know she doesn't like him. Zach runs to Caleb to tell him that Amber is throwing him under the bus. No one can believe how easy it is to get Caleb to turn on Amber.

Caleb then comes up with his own plan by asking Frankie to nominate Amber to scare her back in line so she runs into Caleb's arms and learns that Caleb is the only person who can save her. He's so delusional in thinking that this plan will work or that he has any control. And it's so unfortunate that everyone is treating him like he's sane.

Team America Mission

The new Team America mission will happen immediately because it's for tomorrow night. Should they:

-Vote against the majority and accuse two other people of the crazy votes

-Get two people on Team America to win HoH by asking others to throw it

Wow, that's SOOOOOO biased. We all know the first mission will win because production wants Derrick and Donny to vote to evict Jocasta, causing more drama. That could really mess with their games. Also, implied in that mission is the fact that Team America (and the producers) KNOW what the majority will do. It's entirely based on the fact that they know Amber will be evicted 9-0 tomorrow and they want it to be 7-2 since all of these unanimous votes are so boring.

The second option isn't even possible, because it requires Donny and Derrick to win HoH, which they have absolutely no control over. You can't convince eight other people to throw a competition.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

With the plan to backdoor Amber, Team America sets up Zach to go off on Amber at the ceremony. Once again, Frankie and Derrick pretend that Donny is a part of it, but they only tell him after they've set up all of the pieces.

At the PoV ceremony, Hayden saves Victoria, meaning she has come off the block all three times she's been nominated. But where does she get off claiming that she's proven she's a competitor?

Frankie "acts" like he had no idea that would happen, but he seems to have a name and speech all ready as Amber goes up as the replacement nominee. Before it ends, Zach stands up to say that he's happy Amber is going home because Caleb has done everything for her and she hasn't given him the love and respect he deserves. It's so stupid. She doesn't respond, so it's another FAIL for Team America. Ha, they don't get the money!

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