'Almost Human' Review: Rudy Proves He's a Hero Both Inside and Outside the Lab
'Almost Human' Review: Rudy Proves He's a Hero Both Inside and Outside the Lab
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Way to go, Rudy! Almost Human may take place in the future, yet "The Bends" felt more like a traditional procedural case instead one taking place in 2048. The investigation into Bishop and his drug business felt familiar instead of unique to the time period.

Rudy's adventure in the field saved the hour. I missed the ro-bromance moments between John and Dorian, but Rudy's awkwardness and humor made up for it. Plus, there was at least the noodle shop stuff at the beginning. It was hilarious to watch John eat that living ... whatever it was.

The use of in media res didn't help the flow of the episode either. There wasn't any added suspense or mystery from seeing Rudy's escape before knowing what was going on. I've grown weary of that storytelling format's overuse, especially when there's not any added benefit.

Overall, this was the weakest of the first four episodes of Almost Human. The lack of any mention of John's ex-girlfriend or the Syndicate was also a disappointment. While I don't expect that to be necessarily a main focus of every episode some mention would be nice.

Instead, the case began when Frank Cooper, a cop, got killed trying to infiltrate a drug group in order to take down the top guy known as the Bishop. Cooper's investigation wasn't sanctioned and the evidence pointed to him being corrupt.

John promised his deceased friend's wife that he'd look into the situation. It didn't take long for Dorian to find evidence that supported the theory that Cooper was conducting a rogue operation rather than being dirty cop.

There wasn't any spectacular technology at work this week, which added to the lackluster case. The lab looked cool, but it looked like a lab. Cooper's embedded wire and the liquid tracker that Rudy took were both slightly interesting, but similar devices are available now. The surveillance cockroaches were awesome though.

The characters interactions and Rudy's in particular held my interest. Rudy's just an awkward guy. I loved his outfit. While it didn't make any sense for him to wear that hat, I adored him for wanting to make the most of his opportunity outside the lab.

Rudy was all in. He practiced and was ready to be the hero of the case and bring down the Bishop. Sure he had his missteps. Iodine, anyone? Poor robot that lost its eye. At least it's more easily fixed than a human eye and something that Rudy make sure gets done right.

Even the farting was endearing. Oops. The joke was nicely and effectively carried over to his undercover work. He was nervous, but that wouldn't have been entirely unexpected from a scientist who could cook.

When it came time to perform, he was brilliant. He made the Bends with time to spare at 95% pure. If the Bishop's man picked up the phone, Rudy would have been golden. Instead, he had to think on his feet and get away. For someone who spends all his time in a lab, he did a remarkable job getting out of the situation with only a bullet graze.

Rudy was lucky he had Dorian as his "friend." Dorian continues to grow and understand human behaviors and actions. He put himself at risk to help out Rudy when the undercover mission almost went south. Then, the fight between him and the other android was kick ass. 

While Dorian was fighting a robot, John chased down Bishop. It was a dangerous pursuit, but one that John wasn't going to give up on. He needed to make the corrupt Captain pay for his friend's death.

And pay he did. John shot Bishop during the firefight which was a good shooting. Then, he made a morally questionable decision when he shot Bishop in the head. He served his own sentence on Bishop for all the deaths he was responsible for on the streets, plus Cooper's.

Dorian may not be human, but he's learned to feel and act like one in most situations with the benefit of being a computer too. He feels emotions and acts on them. Whereas John shot and killed Bishop, that's probably not something that Dorian would do.

If John had his partner by his side, he may have been stopped. That wasn't to be though. Based on the gathering afterwards, it doesn't look like John's shooting was going to be questioned. With Bishop's death, there will be less of a spectacle over a dirty cop and one so highly ranked. Though, are there others....

The closing ro-bro-bromance was cool to see. Dorian invited Rudy out for drinks to celebrate at John's favorite bar. They are a team and becoming friends. It would have been hilarious to see the three of them at the bar together drinking beers. Well, two of them at least!

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