'Almost Human' Recap: Killing for Nothing
'Almost Human' Recap: Killing for Nothing
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Crazy killers exist today and they're still around in the future on Almost Human. In "Beholder," people were killed as a side effect of a procedure to steal their facial features. The killer probably would have gotten away with it if he hadn't targeted a Chrome. Once he made that mistake, it was only a matter of time before he was caught.

Death Not By Natural Causes

It took the death of a Chrome to draw attention to deaths that were seemingly from natural causes. Seven people were killed and no one had a clue that they hadn't died of a heart attack. Why was the Chrome's death different?

In a previous episode, we learned that Chrome's were genetically engineered to be smarter and better than naturally born humans. They are also designed to live long and healthy lives. When a Chrome died of a heart attack at a young age, it created fear in the Chrome community.

The police scrutiny of the Chrome's death revealed a serial killer was on the loose when Dorian found he had a needle mark on his neck. Dorian was able to analyze the remnants of the wound and identified the 7 other DNA samples.

Death from Beauty

The first commonality between the victims was their looks. They were all attractive. After getting resistance from the Chrome club the victim visited before his death, Valerie got access to the surveillance footage. They found their suspect, Todd Paxton.

They traced him to a clinical trial that killed the donors by heart attack. Todd was a participant in the trial and was left disfigured. The needle mark on the victims was left by an actuator, which removed the genetic code necessary to transplant the physical feature from the inside.

Ex-Doctor and Last Victim Identified

Dorian and Kennex visited a contact to find out where someone would get an actuator. They tracked down a doctor that was part of the clinical trial and had lost his license. When they arrived at his location, he took synthetic adrenaline and attacked Kennex. And then he keeled over and died.

They had found the lab and from a picture of the "new" Todd, Dorian was able to identify the next and final victim. The police protected him and scared Todd off. He went home and contacted an online girlfriend.

All For Nothing

In the end, Todd sacrificed all those people for nothing. He wanted to fix his face and be attractive for the woman of his dreams. Even though he didn't finish his face, he went to see her. She didn't care what he looked like, she just like him for his personality.

It was all for nothing because she was blind. She couldn't see all the parts of his face that he stole from others killing them. He met his true love in person, but it was all for only a few months. When the police showed up, Todd went to the roof and jumped off. 

Kennex and Stahl

John finally got up the nerve to ask Valerie out. Well ... he planned on meeting for a drink at the same bar. It was a huge move for him and he was too late. Valerie had a date with the Chrome that she met that the Chrome club during the investigation.

All may not be lost though, she did look back at him as she was leaving the office. Perhaps, there's still hope for the two of them.

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